19 Shades of Beautiful Hair

Yes, there is a natural color to cover gray hair

Women have a love-hate relationship with gray hair. There are some who accept them, others who paint them as soon as they appear, using dyes with so many chemical contents that in the long term they cause hair loss, but … what if there was a natural way to erase them?

Fortunately, there is already a product with natural essence to achieve it. This was created by the Naturigin brand, which has a dye called Naturigin Natural Essence Hair Dye – Black 2.0, developed from a formula that is respectful of the skin and the environment.

Take care of the scalp and hair thanks to its combination of 12 natural botanical oils & extracts which are certified organic by EcoCert preventing the hair from having that dry texture that pharmacy dyes give it. It is free of ammonia, silicone, parabens, alcohol and paraphenylenediamine, ingredients that can cause hair loss.

This coloring formula has diversified into 19 different shade, covering Extreme blond, brown, blond and copper blonde. Regardless of your natural color, the effect will be a uniform appearance and with a little shine.

You can apply it from the comfort of your home. Start by dividing your hair into four parts, apply a little of this oil on the hair root and start distributing it evenly. If you want it to last for several weeks, rinse it 24 hours after application.

Ready to not see your gray hair in a long time?