2021 In Review - Healthy Lifestyle 

When it comes to healthier living, there is no better time than now. With less to do during the long stay at home during COVID-19, this is a perfect opportunity to focus on the foods that should be filling your tummies and activities that fill your schedule.

It’s important to keep a routine during this time of uncertainty. Being locked in your house is the perfect time to incorporate changes into your schedule that can improve your health and wellbeing.

 Set Goals

While it is ok to cheat once in a while, COVID-19 is not a reason to start forming unhealthy habits. If you’re struggling to keep yourself motivated, come up with goals that feel feasible right now.

Here are some healthy goal ideas you may consider:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Cut out sugary foods and drinks
  • Go on daily walks with the dog and/or significant other
  • Learn new recipes using whole foods
  • Try living a natural lifestyle with natural products for the body and the environment


Incorporate Exercise into Your Day

Exercise is a fantastic way to remain healthy and active, especially while you are stuck at home.

An easy way to get active is to go outside for a walk or jog by yourself or with your dog. As the weather in Hong Kong gets nicer, you can get out and take a lap around your neighborhood while maintaining social distancing.


 Recognize If You Are Actually Hungry

More people are eating food out of boredom, anxiety, or stress. It is important to be able to tell the difference if you are experiencing actual hunger or emotional hunger.

If you do notice that you may be an emotional eater, there are a few ways you can work on fixing this habit.

Next time you find yourself going into the fridge when you are not really hungry, try the following:

  1. Become aware that you are experiencing emotional hunger
  2. Be willing to change the cycle
  3. Come up with a hobby/activity to do instead of eating

If you do find yourself unable to avoid emotional eating, you should purchase healthy alternatives and make healthy portioned snacks ahead of time to encourage a more mindful approach to eating.

It can also be helpful to keep sweets on a higher shelf or simply do not purchase them at all to avoid that temptation. A healthy diet is necessary to keep your energy levels high, improving brain function, and fighting sickness.


Are you Prepared to Start Living a Natural Lifestyle?

While it is practically impossible to live a completely natural lifestyle in today’s world, each tiny change can make a world of difference. Think of all the harmful ingredients you can avoid by just making sure most of the food you eat is natural. How many loads of laundry does your household do in a week? By using a natural laundry detergent, you can greatly reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Your skin is no exception. It is the biggest organ on your body, and it is faced with toxins in the environment constantly. All-natural skin care products can be a good first step to living a natural lifestyle.