3 Days Until Christmas! Take Care of Your Baby

Having a baby is a joy for every family. With the new baby, there are new tasks added in everyday life. Those parents who have a second or third baby, consider themselves already experienced. Caring for a child before Christmas is a relevant topic for new parents.

With the birth of the first-born, mothers have a question: what should be the care of a child up to a year. And this is normal because every mother wants her child to be healthy and happy.

It is important for parents to understand that a newborn baby will require absolute attention before the holiday starts. Caring for a child up to a year includes many factors.

Proper feeding of the baby

The main concern for the newborn is nutrition. The best and most useful dish for him is breast milk. Many mothers worry if they can breastfeed properly during Christmas. But if breastfeeding fails for various reasons, you will have to switch to artificial nutrition with various mixtures.

Today, the choice of baby food is so rich that many mothers are lost in the choice. A pediatrician can come to the rescue here. The doctor will individually advise which mixture is best for your baby.

Despite the fact that the child is not yet a year old, you should buy a dry mixture taking into account his young age. The age range for baby food is divided into the following periods: from 0 to 3 months, from 3 to 6 months, from 6 to 12 months.

Starting from 3 months and from six, baby food is introduced in the form of mashed vegetables for the child. In some cases, pediatricians recommend adding cereal to the diet.

Baby sleep

Despite the tiny age, the baby already has its own responsibilities - to eat, sleep and grow. Caring for a child up to a year involves creating comfortable conditions for relaxation.

The crib should be made of natural materials, preferably made of wood. The bottom of the crib should not be closed, but provide sufficient air circulation to ventilate the mattress. The best is considered a mattress made of coconut flakes.

Up to a year, a child in a crib does not need a pillow. Bed linen should be made of cotton. Depending on the time of year and the temperature in the room, the blanket should be either light cotton.

Hygiene for the newborn

Everyone knows that cleanliness is the key to health. This rule is relevant from the first days of life. A clean body does not cause irritation, and because of this, the child cries less often. Ensuring hygiene needs a regular bath of the baby. Very delicate and light shampoo should be chosen to bathe the baby.

It is necessary to change the diaper on time. Prevent the child from staying in the diaper for more than three hours. Creams with zinc oxide or special powders can reduce irritation on the skin.

If a diaper rash appears on the skin, you must consult a doctor who will recommend special products. Washing clothes for a child up to a year is desirable by hand with baby soap.

If the washing is done in the machine, then you should choose a powder with a mark of 0+ and not containing phosphates in its composition.

Take care of newborn skin

The skin of babies is very delicate. Use very soothing and natural moisturizer for them. So it must be taken care of from the moment you are born. It is recommended that before dressing the baby for the first time with any clothing, the baby has been washed or sterilized.

It is very useful to make use of baby wipes. They are the best for taking care of your baby and so that his skin does not suffer mainly from zero to four years old. This will prevent the appearance of allergies as they favor sweating.

Moisturize and clean your baby's skin

When changing diapers, the baby's private parts will receive the necessary care as well as comfort. Before putting on a diaper, it is advisable to clean the baby's private parts and moisturize to prevent the skin from becoming irritated. The heat and humidity generated by the baby's urine cause skin irritation and discomfort.

Wardrobe for the newborn

It would seem that the first months of life, what kind of clothes can be mentioned here. However, diapers and wipers - this is the first baby wardrobe, choosing which you need to consider several points.

All things that come into contact with the baby’s body should be made of natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. All seams on clothes, and bonnets, including, must be made outward. All buttons and ties should be as small as possible.

Babies do not have the same heat transfer as adults. Going for a walk the baby, depending on weather conditions, wear one layer of clothing more than adults.

The care and love shown by parents in the first year of life will allow them to further raise and raise a healthy and talented child. Just before the holidays the care routine must the same. Because the change to the environment or routine can affect the baby negatively. Caring for a child up to a year should be thought out.