4 Days Until Christmas! Get Your Home Sparkling Clean

December arrived with its special moment of preparation for Christmas and New Year's Eve. In many houses, it is a tradition to inaugurate this period with a good year-end cleaning to receive family and friends.

If you want to know how to do a sparkling clean before Christmas, be sure to read the following tips to get organized and simplify the tidying up the task. Find out more!

How to organize a Christmas cleaning: where to start?

A great way to start year-end cleaning is to get rid of the clothes and things that are no longer useful. Try to divide the Christmas cleaning by rooms and ask the family to help.

Children can do the simplest tasks such as organizing their toys and sorting out what to donate. The husband can take care of the garage and some house repairs, such as replacing a burnt-out lamp, renewing the paint on the wall or peeling walls.

Since year-end cleaning requires a little more time and effort, it is very important to share responsibilities and tasks with the rest of the family. So you don't get overwhelmed and still guarantee that everything will go according to plan.

Planning the Christmas cleaning

Make a list of all the tasks you plan to do during the year-end cleaning. Leave the priorities at the top and divide the cleaning by areas of the house. One day you dedicate yourself to the bedroom, the next to the living room and so on.

Remember: You can organize house cleaning in a more practical way if you have a good supply of materials to use for your Christmas cleaning.

Multipurpose products are efficient for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces such as countertops, sinks, glass, and shelves. Always have a good disinfectant and degreasing cleaner on hand. In addition dowels, sponges, brooms, buckets, and floor cloths will also be necessary for cleaning. See a complete list of products and materials for house cleaning in serendipityhouse.

How to clean the house before Christmas

Take advantage of the year-end cleanup to pay attention to those corners and areas that we do not clean regularly. For example, behind the refrigerator and the wardrobe. Use the occasion also to change the lining of cupboards and drawers, wash the cushion cover, carpet, etc.

To help lend a helping hand, check out these serendipity tips on how to organize housekeeping in every room of the house:


Begin year-end cleaning on the surfaces and then move to cabinets. Remove everything from the shelves and drawers. Take the opportunity to dispose of what is no longer useful and expired products. Clean these areas with a disinfectant and replace the drawer liner if necessary.

Wipe the kitchen tiles with a surface cleaner. Use bleach to clean the sink to wipe out germs and bacteria. For the floor, remove the thick dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Then wipe the floor with a good floor cleaner. Of course, be sure to include a deep cleaning in your fridge and stove in your holiday cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning

If you are wondering how to organize a bathroom cleaning, here are some tips that may help:

  • Prefer to use chlorine bleach or bleach-based disinfectants to thoroughly clean the toilet. These products also aid in stain removal and help to give off a good smell.
  • Use a tile cleaner to remove slime from the box and tiles. If the box is glass, finish the cleaning with a glass cleaner to remove soap stains and salt and limescale residue.
  • Enjoy year-end cleaning to clean cabinets and all bathroom accessories. To keep your environment organized, remember to throw away expired cosmetics and other toiletries.

Living room

Start by dusting the surfaces and tallest racks. Clean the cabinets inside and out. Remove everything inside and enjoy cleaning behind the furniture. Rearrange the closet and dispose of unused paperwork. Since the purpose of the year-end cleaning is to make the house spotless, vacuum the couch, the cushions, and the curtain.


Clean cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Separate unused clothing, toys, and objects for donation. Take the opportunity to organize the wardrobe and drawers. Holiday cleaning is also a great time to wash quilts and pillows. Of course, be sure to clean the curtains well to remove dust and germs.


Why not include a nice overall garden cleanup in your end-of-year cleaning? Check the status of your little plants. Take the opportunity to renew the pots and flowers. If you live in an apartment, tidy up the entrance hall. Clean the door and the entrance carpet well. With these tips on how to organize a cleaning, your house will look beautiful and organized for the arrival of the end of year parties!

Ecological Cleaning

Did you know that many cleaning products are harmful to you and the environment? Everything you use to clean, wash, goes down the drain into rivers and seas, bringing foam, perfume and plenty of chemicals into environments inhabited by various life forms.

In addition, many products contain substances that are suspected of interfering with the production of our hormones, which can disrupt our endocrine system and cause other disorders, from an allergy to poor digestion. So serendipityhouse has come up with all the natural home cleaning products to save you as well as the environment. Use these environment-friendly products, Your health, and the environment will thank you.