5 Days Until Christmas! Eco-conscious Gifts for Friends and Family

Take advantage of the Christmas season to not only give gifts to your loved ones but also to be environmentally friendly. How about taking a look at the list of ecological gifts we have prepared for you? We're sure you'll love every idea and get a glimpse of it with your family and friends.

If you want to give original gifts and, on top of that, environmentally friendly and ecological, you've come to the right place. Yes, you can bet there are options for this and we have the best tips to help you with this task.


Coupon book

"It's worth a dishwasher"; "It's worth a romantic dinner"; "It's worth a walk on the beach"; "It's worth a dinner made by me". Make a coupon book made to suit the person you want to give it to! This is a very original way of giving gifts to those who like it and, at the same time, saving the environment and the wallet. One thing is certain: success will be guaranteed.

Offer services instead of “things”

How about offering an experience instead of an object? This is the ideal gift for those who are keen to avoid waste. It can be the ideal solution for those who are in doubt about what would be a useful gift for someone.

Instead of offering gifts that may end up being forgotten in a closet drawer, choose to bet on a “green” alternative and offer a service.

Some ideas that you can bet on: a spa treatment, amusement park or concert tickets, or dining experience. Eco-friendly gifts are also part of a greener lifestyle.

Reusable water bottle

These ecological bottles are becoming more and more popular. Instead of always buying small bottles of water for drinking, at the office or at home. You can choose to offer a bottle of water that you can reuse as often as you like.

An environmentally friendly donation

If you have a friend or family member who is eco-friendly, you can bet that you will love to receive an ecological donation as a gift. Take advantage of the theme and make a donation in your name offering something unique, nature-friendly and meaningful.

Choose an association or charity dedicated to a cause the gift recipient supports, and be sure that an original gift like this will never fall into oblivion.

Carrying bags

One of the main problems of our planet is the large consumption of plastics. So why not take advantage of this situation and offer trendy carry bags?

Available in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes, this is a cheap, environmentally friendly gift that will be extremely useful for those who receive it!

Offer your talent

Is there a more ecological - and unique - Christmas present than something you've done? If you have the talent to make an environmentally friendly gift, invest in the idea and take the opportunity to show your special gifts to those you love the most.

There are plenty of ideas: a cake, decorated cookies, a jam, a piece of costume jewelry, a knitted piece, a video full of shared moments, a painting painted by you... The limit is imagination, so be creative and get to work.

Recycling Old Gifts

You may have already received a gift that you did not like very much, that did not serve you, or for some other reason, ended up in a corner of the house. If so, it is time to offer them to anyone who can use them. If objects are new, recycle and reuse. The tip is also for those gifts that you bought and never offered.

And, if you don't have the original packaging, use your imagination and create environmentally-friendly packages. There's nothing like recycling to be more environmentally friendly, right?

Seeds and Pots

Encourage the setting-up of your own gardens! Buy a nice pot, choose, for example, seeds of an aromatic plant. Then put the instructions for use in a nice box. In this way, you will be offering one of the most original and practical ecological gifts you could find!

Air Purifier

An air purifier is another of the green gifts that could not be overlooked on our list, as it can make a difference this

Available from home appliances and household goods stores, this object will help filter out impurities that roam the air in our homes. Contribute to a cleaner Christmas!

Homemade and Sustainable Chocolates

A 100% handmade chocolate offer is always welcomed, right? Make a nice box, with some good handmade chocolates inside (made by you or bought in a shop with a known manufacturing origin).

This is an ecological Christmas gift that will delight (eyes and stomach) those who receive them. While contributing to a sustainable economy and without endangering minorities and work in inhumane conditions.

This Christmas, be more conscious of your gifts and offer something much more original and, of course, unforgettable.