6 Days Until Christmas! Time to Detox Before the Big Meal!

6 Days Until Christmas! Time to Detox Before the Big Meal! Just because Christmas is coming up doesn't mean you should go on a diet! By choosing a purifying and detoxifying diet, you will prepare your body for all your excess delicacies!

Why should we detox?

Coffee, fats, tobacco, meals taken on the go ... Month after month, our body accumulates toxins that accelerate the aging of the skin and weaken our natural resistance. Result: we feel tired, we sleep poorly but above all, we feel bloated!

The simple fact of modifying our eating habits, favoring certain foods allows in a very short time, to improve our health, to beautify and refresh our complexion. So why deny it?

10 tips to detoxify before the holidays

Doing a little detox before the holidays is great: not only is it good for our body, but it will also allow us to take back a small portion of pastry log without feeling too guilty!

Dandelion Coffee our best detox friend

Dandelion Coffee is really the first in the class! Not only is it an appetite suppressant and anti-cellulite, but in addition, it is very rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants promote the tone of our cells and help the body to fight against a lot of diseases.

As dandelion coffee is an excellent diuretic, it helps us to eliminate water from our bodies. What's the interest? Having too much water in our bodies makes us swell up. And a liter of water weighs a kilo.

It is, therefore, a drink to be enjoyed at all times when you want to do a little detox treatment before the holidays!

Drink a lot of water

It is the basis of any detox diet and a healthy lifestyle in general. To help our body eliminate, we don't skimp on hydration!

Even if in winter it is cold and you want hot chocolate too much, you should prefer a big glass of water. Flat, sparkling, infused, we have a lot of choices to choose from.

The objective: drink at least 1.5L of water per day, to activate the "drainage" mode in our body! Because drainage means eliminating toxins, purifying organs, feeling better…

Always soup!

Soup, with dandelion coffee, is really a flagship drink of detox! Normal: in a bowl of soup, there are only healthy products. The soup contains vegetables full of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, and water that help our body eliminate toxins...

And that's not all: a little soup before eating will also help us to go easy on the dishes during the meal. And yes, fiber is well known for promoting the feeling of fullness. So if you want to purify yourself gently from the inside, you say yes to the soup of kinds!

The cocktail pro!

we know that Soup, dandelion is effective in purifying our body. But to get yourself nutrients and energy you need something more!

How about we become the cocktail pro? This detox cocktail made from fruits and vegetables (or both!)

To do this, You just go to the market and fill up with seasonal fruits and vegetables: kiwi, clementine, apple, celery, beetroot, carrot, lamb's lettuce, broccoli. You can make the mixes you want, it can only be good with fresh natural products.

And little cocktails are like that add color to our day, give us the energy to spare, and it's great for the body and very low in calories.

Avoiding processed food

To detoxify our body, it is not enough to focus on healthy and light foods. We must also take it easy on refined and industrial foods such as prepared dishes, bagged bread or light cheeses, for example.

If you are a great bread lover, you bet on wholemeal bread, and if you can't stand a sugar-free herbal tea, you replace it with honey, which is sweeter but less caloric.

You should prefer seasonal vegetables in all their forms: raw, cooked, steamed, in salads. You can think of olive oil and walnut oil, which are known to purify the body.

Move a little

Yes, we know that in winter it is cold and that we are much better off at home in front of a book than behind a rower. but to help our body get rid of its toxins, nothing works like a little physical activity.

The lazy people can cover themselves well and we try to make more trips on foot or by bike. To go to work, to get bread or to go shopping.

Eat light in the evening

A basic detox principle: to help our body purify itself, you will never force it on dinner.

Be careful, it doesn't mean depriving yourself of food, because you still need energy! But you should forget about dishes in sauce or fried food, and you opt for a healthy and not a filling meal: soup, cheese, and a dairy product, that's the winning trio.

If you're not a fan of soup at night, you may prefer a small green salad. Salad is full of vitamins, and it also promotes fullness. That way, even if you eat light, you don't feel hungry at all. In addition, green salad is known to contain juices that promote sleep.

So, It's up to you to implement these tips in your everyday life. This way you can eliminate toxins, regain your energy and glowing skin before Christmas!