8 Dangerous Baby Products to Avoid

When we become parents for the first time, we fill the house with the thousand and one baby objects on the market (as far as the economy goes, of course).


Many of these objects end up cornered because, although they seemed essential, they turned out to be absurd accessories. And it is that we really do not need everything we see in stores, nor is everything that is sold safe for our baby. Some objects seem attractive and harmless, but nowadays pediatricians and experts advise against them. They are dangerous products for babies that we must avoid.


Dangerous baby products that we should not use

- Toys for the car seat: there are babies and children who do not like car trips at all, to entertain them we sometimes resort to car seat toys, however, in a car crash or braking, the toy can be thrown out and harm the baby. Manufacturers recommend using only the ones that come with the baby car seat as they have been tested and are less likely to be thrown off in one hit.


- Seats for babies: they are ergonomic seats that help the baby to stay seated, some even have trays to place toys on them and that the child is entertained. What is its danger? If the baby moves vigorously, it could tip over and hit the ground. The American Consumer Product Safety Commission has cited fifty cases of babies falling from their seats, some of them suffering skull fractures.


- Bathtub seat: it is a perfect ally to bathe the baby if we are present at all times during the child's bath. However, by holding the baby in the bathtub, we think that if we go outside for a moment nothing will happen to him. Serious mistake, the baby can tip over in the bathtub and drown. Again, the CPSC reported 174 deaths and hundreds of accidents associated with this product.

- Walkers: yes, one of those that was a star product for babies a few years ago is now being demonized by pediatricians and experts. Not only because it interferes with the child's natural learning to crawl or the development of gait, but also because it can cause injuries to children, especially in houses with stairs, since they can rush down them. In 2010, more than 4,000 cases of children injured by this product were known.


- Pillows: they are dangerous baby products that we must avoid. Although many relatives give us embroidered pillows, blankets, or cushions for the baby's crib, any object that is loose in the crib can cause the child to suffocate. And is that a baby, no matter how little mobility we think he has, can move throughout the night in his crib, leaving his head and mouth under one of these cushions. 


- Crib protectors: some experts recommend not placing any type of crib protector since the baby during his night movement or playing in the crib can get entangled in it or it can fall on his little head preventing the correct passage of air. 


- Door jumpers: Babies love it, they can't stop laughing while going up and down in their little homemade swing, however, not only can they fall during the jump if it is not well anchored but some babies can be injured during the jumps. Some reports suggest that several babies had suffered fractures, bruises, bruises, or lacerations in fingers and toes, even in extreme cases to amputation. 


- Teething necklaces: although they continue to be sold, they are not as popular as a few years ago. They are amber necklaces that, as advertised, have beneficial effects to calm the pain caused by the baby's teeth. However, in some countries, it is recommended that parents not use them due to the risk of strangulation for the baby or even because if the collar breaks, the child could swallow and suffocate on some bead.