Are cleaning products harmful to us and the planet?

Generally, we tend to believe that the cleaning products used in any home or office are harmless, because who would think that what we use to keep our home clean and free of microorganisms, such as germs and viruses, may be a risk to our health or the environment around us? Unfortunately, that is why there are ecological cleaning products that you should start considering.

Some common cleaning products contain chemical substances or ingredients that have a negative impact on the environment and are harmful to living things, because they contribute to the increase of diseases, to environmental deterioration, to the destruction of flora and fauna, to the contamination of the waters and a long, etc.

This fact has already been demonstrated by the World Health Organization - WHO (World Health Organization - WHO) in its report entitled Global assessment of the state-of-the-science of endocrine disruptors, which summarizes the research conducted by 18 researchers The USA, Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands with the participation of 4 Japanese observers, and through which he urgently requests further studies on the relationship between the chemicals present in the products of cleanliness and its consequences in the human endocrine system, as well as in pollution.

Although many investigations have been carried out in this regard, the repercussions that the multiple chemical substances present in our daily life in the form of solids, powders, liquids, are not fully known in the environment and in our organisms. Vapors and gases.

Even many times we do not even know what we are exposed to; For example, a study by the New York Poison Control Center showed that 85% of the products hide part of their content, and this is because more and more people are beginning to be careful about the products they buy, and obviously their manufacturers don't want to stop selling them.


We can classify harmful chemicals that are part of the content of some cleaning products that are polluting and harmful to health, according to their category of danger to humans and their impact on the environment, as follows:



They are those that by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration in small quantities , like some acids, are capable of producing acute or chronic effects, and even death.


These products by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration could produce acute, chronic and even death poisoning effects. We can mention among them ammonia, chlorine, bleach, etc.


They are products that by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration are capable of producing acute, chronic and even death. Among them are ammonia, chlorine, sulfuric acid and caustic soda.


When they come into contact with living tissues, such as the skin, they can destroy or severely affect them. Among them are ammonia, sulfuric acid, nitrogen oxide and caustic soda.


When they come in contact with the skin or mucous membranes they can cause irritation and inflammation. Among them are alkali, sodium dodecyl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate present in detergents and caustic soda.


They are products that by inhalation or skin penetration are capable of causing hypersensitivity and negative effects in case of subsequent exposure. An example may be detergents and chlorine.


Are those who by inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration are able to cause cancer or increase the possibility of its appearance. Among them we can mention 2-naphthylamine, some tars and oils.


These products can cause genetic mutations, or increase their frequency, due to their inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration.


They are chemicals that if inhaled, ingested or skin penetration can affect reproductive functions and cause non-inherited negative effects on the offspring.


Are those substances or products that represent an immediate or future risk to the environment. We can mention among them nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia, which are one of the main pollutants of water because they are present in common cleaning products.


Surely yes, and you must have been exposed to them more than once, because they are found in almost all known cleaning products and, as we have already indicated, they are highly harmful to the health of living beings and very polluting of the environment. Let's see some of them:


They usually contain butyl cellosolve, a very dangerous substance to affect kidneys, liver and bone marrow, and also ammonia or ammonia and diethylene glycol. Some may have alkylphenol ethoxylate that is related to infertility.


Many special products for cleaning ovens are made with caustic soda, a dangerous substance because it causes immediate burns and respiratory problems.


They often contain chlorinated phenols and phosphates that can cause damage to the respiratory tract and circulatory system. Also sodium hypochlorite, acid or sodium hydroxide that can cause skin burns, respiratory tract (if its vapors are inhaled) and permanent organ damage if ingested.


All detergents contain a variety of toxic chemicals, among which we could highlight sodium dodecyl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate, highly irritating substances.


Among its compounds is formaldehyde, an irritant chemical suspected of causing cancer, although there is no conclusive research yet. It also destroys the ozone layer.


Products made to remove stains commonly contain perchloroethylene, which can affect the proper functioning of the kidneys.


It is clear that cleaning is a positive thing for your home and your health, and even for the environment, but taking into account that conventional cleaning products contain all those harmful chemicals that make them risk factors, it is necessary to take some measures to avoid putting you, your family and your surroundings in danger.

It is time to make your concern an action! To begin with, you can keep the windows open while clean to dissipate the vapors, check the product labels, it is also advisable to use cellulose sponges that you can boil to sanitize, among many others options that can certainly help you.

But the smartest thing you can do is decide to choose ecological cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemical agents that ensure you keep your health in optimal condition and reduce your impact on environmental pollution.

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