Bathing helps to improve skin quality

The daily bath is a great opportunity to regain your energy. It helps to relieve everyday stress, tiredness, and tension. In addition, bathing can be a time of pleasure and taking care of your beauty. Just add ingredients such as body wash, vegetable loofah, body oils, creamy liquid soaps, different aromas and incorporate massages. It is also very important and pleasurable to moisturize the skin after bathing.


Hot shower

Very hot water damages the skin. On colder days, in addition to making the water temperature higher, we tend to stay longer under the shower. The problem is that these baths - although delicious - dry out the skin, which already suffers from wind and low temperatures.


The very hot and prolonged bath removes the hydrolipidic mantle, the natural protective layer of the skin made of water and fat, especially when combined with the use of loofah and common soap.


The ideal is that the water is always lukewarm, that the bath never exceeds 15 minutes and that neutral and moisturizing soaps are used.


But if you don't give up the hot bath and your skin dries out a lot, try the well-known bath oils on your body before getting into the shower. They can be applied to the skin just before the shower, and the excess will be removed in the bath. After the bath, a lubricating film will remain, with a slight shine, which will remain to protect your skin. Look for those that combine almond, hazelnut, macadamia, or grapeseed oils.

Cold bath

We generally prefer to bathe with warm or hot water, as it is more relaxing, however, it is not the most recommended, as it has been proven that cold water is more beneficial for our skin and some functions of our body.


When bathing in cold water, our body reacts immediately, stimulating the immune system making it stronger. Upon receiving this benefit our body will respond better against viruses and infections.


For people with circulation problems, cold water is a very effective therapy, as it favors good blood circulation and helps to better distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.


Coldwater stimulates our organism, activates systems, and puts our body on alert. It is recommended to take a cold water bath to start the day and get rid of that feeling of tiredness, it is also recommended for after physical exercises.


Coldwater is very beneficial for the hair, as it prevents dryness, the high temperatures remove the hydration of the hair making it ugly and unhealthy. Coldwater is ideal for preventing dandruff and hair loss.


Recommendations for bathing with cold water

If you are not used to bathing in cold water, it may be a little difficult to start having this good habit. To start enjoying its benefits you can make the decision to adapt to cold water and put it into practice very often.


The first recommendation is to start the bath with warm water and lower the water temperature in such a way that the change is not sudden.


As the days go by, we can change from a warm temperature to a colder one and thus start to have this good habit.


In winter it is also recommended to maintain a good habit of cold water. At this time it may be a little more expensive to maintain the custom, but it is very prudent to move on. However, the person should not shiver or feel extreme cold, in this case, it is best to opt for warm water in the winter.


The cold bath also helps to make the skin firmer, reduces the chances of hair loss, and also speeds up the metabolism.


Other Types of Baths

Moisturizing, detoxifying, and relaxing baths leave skin hydrated, revitalized, and renewed. In addition, it has anti-stress powers, eliminates pain, promotes well-being and, of course, makes it much more beautiful.


Moisturizing Bath

During the bath, the skin is more receptive and absorbs the active substances better. The best plants to soften, moisturize, nourish, and clean are chamomile, marigold, pansy, mint, elderflower, rose and orange blossom.


The soaps must be very creamy and moisturizing, involving the whole body in scented foams that wash and lubricate. In bars or liquids, look for those that are rich in silicone, lubricating oils (almonds, hazelnuts, wheat germ, avocado, and chestnut) that are nutritious and soothing.  In addition, Natural Shower Gel is a great way to moisturize your skin. 

Detoxifying Bath

The detoxifying bath favors the dissolution and expulsion of impurities and a natural detoxification of the body. It is made by immersion in a combination of medicinal herbs, and the effect is scientifically proven.


Before entering the water, an emollient must be applied to the body. The bath causes the pores to dilate and the herbs to penetrate, moving the interstitial fluids, expelling acids and xanthines, decreasing the rate of adrenaline, and promoting effective detoxification. The exact combination of herbs, time, and temperature are judicious and adjusted according to blood pressure - according to the needs of each one. The result can be seen immediately with the change in the aroma and color of the water, which sometimes becomes cloudy.


In addition to an improvement in all metabolism, the bath brings relief from muscle pain, headaches, circulatory problems, hair loss, insomnia, in addition to assisting in the treatment of odors, in obtaining improved skin texture and shine From the eyes. Once the organism is detoxified, the mind becomes clearer, favoring memory and attention.


The algae used are rich in mineral salts and microelements that hydrate, protect, exfoliate, tone, rejuvenate and stimulate circulation. The essential oils used to assist in the balance of metabolism and emotional state during the period of weight loss regimes.

Relaxing Bath

A relaxing bath manages to undo the stress of everyday life and provides relaxation and tranquility. The combined herbs, provide muscle relaxation, revitalize and offer better quality sleep.


A good bath can be even more relaxing if combined with other ingredients that favor the skin. A good tip is to accompany your bath with a delicious tea. In addition to the comforting feeling, you can also take advantage of the therapeutic capabilities of each plant. Chamomile, for example, is indicated for relaxing.

A relaxing bath should include foam baths, aromatic oils, flower petals, preferably in a spacious bathtub. The essential oils that help you relax are: lavender, ylang-ylang, frankincense, and orange.


Benefits of showering before bed

Taking a hot or warm bath before going to bed helps to relax your muscles. To make your sleep easier, drop a few drops of lavender essential oil on the floor of the stall. Lavender soothes and improves the quality of sleep.


A shower before bed also has benefits for beauty, as cleaning the skin at the end of the day protects the face from wrinkles and expression marks. Using moisturizing creams after the shower intensifies makes the skin, moistened, better absorb the cosmetic.


Before going to sleep, a hot bath relieves muscle pain, reduces anxiety, helps to decongest the airways, and can also reduce swelling of the body.


Those who prefer a cold bath can also take advantage of the shower before going to bed, as cold water stimulates the immune system, the production of antidepressant hormones, and even prevents colds. The cold bath will not necessarily take away your sleep, but before bedtime, the most appropriate is a warm to warm bath.


In addition to removing dirt, sweat, pollution, and excessive oil from the skin, a good shower, hot or cold, is capable of bringing several benefits to physical and mental health, especially before going to bed.