Benefits Of Using A Natural Mouthwash

Oral hygiene is a daily routine familiar to everyone since childhood. Brushing with a toothbrush is often not enough to completely remove the germs that are the main cause of dental disease and gum inflammation. That's why dentists recommend a comprehensive oral care routine that includes not only toothpaste but also mouthwash.  If it is a natural mouthwash then it is better without a doubt. 

Functions of Mouthwash

The mouth rinse is very easy and takes only a few minutes a day. In order for the liquid to be evenly distributed in the mouth, the head is slightly thrown back, after which the usual rinsing movements are performed.

As a complementary personal care product, mouth rinses serve a variety of useful functions, including:

  • removal of food debris;
  • the fight against microbes that provoke the development of caries and tartar;
  • prevention of dental problems (gum inflammation, caries, etc.);
  • neutralization of unpleasant odor;

Types of Mouth Washes

In order to choose the right product, you should understand the numerous options offered by manufacturers. Most often, dentists divide rinses into 2 groups - hygienic (intended for washing the oral cavity) and medicinal (which contain specialized antibacterial substances and components to combat a specific dental problem).

According to their function, medicated mouth rinses are also divided into 3 categories:

  1. For removing plaque. Such a tool slows down the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity thanks to the antiseptics present in the composition.
  2. To combat tooth decay. Rinses in this category strengthen teeth and are most often indicated for use by patients wearing braces.
  3. For removing the tartar. The most effective means for removing plaque and preventing the formation of calculus due to the content of calcium citrate in them.

The narrowly targeted varieties include mouthwash for children, in which the dosage of chemical components and active substances is several times less.

Benefits  of Mouthwashes


Even if you brush thoroughly for 5 minutes, the risk of incomplete removal of bacteria between the teeth and in hard-to-reach places in the mouth certainly remains. Do not forget that micro bacteria live not only on the upper surface of the teeth but also on the tongue, cheeks, in the subgingival and interdental spaces, which are very difficult to reach with a brush. In contrast, a liquid rinse can easily accomplish this task and significantly reduce the number of bacteria.


Cavity Protection

If you want not only fresh breath and white teeth but also comprehensive protection against tooth decay and tartar, you can buy a therapeutic rinse based on natural herbs. The liquid will significantly strengthen the enamel and reduce the production of acid, which is the main factor in the development of tooth decay in adults and children.


Gentle Care for Sensitive Teeth

Unlike brushing, the use of a solution is recommended by dentists primarily for those whose teeth are more sensitive to chemical components. Oral rinsing will be more comfortable, and pain will be significantly reduced by eliminating irritants.


Natural Whiteness of Teeth

Poor hygiene, along with daily smoking, can be one of the main causes of significant darkening of the enamel. In addition, the constant presence of bacteria in the mouth contributes to the accelerated appearance of plaque and unpleasant odor. A tooth rinse enriched with essential oils and active fluoride can help to fight the problem and restore your natural tooth color.


Fresh Breath

Bad breath can be caused by food debris in places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. The liquid aids in the complete elimination of food, after which the number of germs in the mouth is significantly reduced and a deodorizing effect is achieved.


Elimination of bleeding gums

Gingivitis (also called gum inflammation in common parlance) is an unpleasant phenomenon caused by the excessive growth of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. This results in a whitish plaque on the gums and when brushing you may notice a small bloody discharge near the roots of the teeth. The anti-inflammatory features of the rinse can help eliminate gingivitis and keep your gums healthy at all times.

The mouthwash is part of a comprehensive hygiene treatment to keep your mouth healthy. When choosing it, you should definitely consult a dentist. After all, it is he who can determine the presence of problems with the teeth or gums and give recommendations for their elimination. 


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