Choose Eco-Friendly Products to Help Stop Plastic Pollution

We want to share with you some simple tips to reduce plastic consumption gradually. A plastic that is undoubtedly one of the great problems of our current society.


Yes, plastic is recyclable, and, yes, it is very difficult to live without it. But it is not impossible to live without consuming plastic! Remember that girl who lived two years without producing garbage or  Merren Tait who lived a year without plastic? Well, they have inspired us to gradually reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce.


Tips to reduce the consumption of plastics

Although there is increasing awareness of the problem of plastic, the truth is that there are still many plastic products or products wrapped in single-use plastics on the market. It is urgent to reduce the consumption of plastics. Here are some tips:

  1. Do not use plastic water bottles. You can buy stainless steel bottles that conserve water and are reusable.
  2. Substitute plastic straws for metal ones. In this way, you can use them several times and you will not contaminate them.
  3. Go shopping with reusable bags. Don't order plastic bags at the supermarket, take your bags from home, and use them several times.
  4. Avoid buying products wrapped in plastic. For example, legumes or fruits. You can carry reusable cloth bags and transport everything there, this way you will not use single-use plastic bags.
  5. Eliminate chewing gum. Many of the chewing gums that we consume today contain plastic, you can consume 100% natural and ecological chewing gums.
  6. Choose products that are packaged with cardboard or glass. For example, if you buy a drink choose glass bottles, or if you buy dishwasher detergent choose a cardboard box.
  7. Avoid disposable products. It is essential to avoid the use of single-use plastic plates, cutlery, and glasses.
  8. Use wooden kitchen utensils. Avoid the ones made of plastic and choose stainless steel or wood.
  9. Change the clothespins with which you hang clothes. They are usually made of plastic and you can replace them with wooden ones.
  10. Replace your baby's diapers. A baby diaper can take about 400 years to decompose, so it is essential to replace it with a cloth diaper that you can wash and reuse multiple times.
  11. Use matches and not lighters. Lighters are not biodegradable and remain in nature for years. Use matches or a rechargeable lighter, as long as it is absolutely necessary to use a lighter.
  12. Make your own fruit juices. There is nothing more natural than freshly squeezed fruit, so making a fruit juice has a double benefit, you avoid using plastic bottles and favor your body with a freshly made juice full of vitamins.
  13. Change the way you keep food. We tend to use plastic toppers or plastic film to store food in the fridge, you can substitute plastic for glass toppers and avoid the use of transparent film.
  14. Use natural cleaning products. It is usual for us to buy a household cleaning product for everything, one for the floor, one for the bathroom, another for the kitchen ... The list is endless and can be simplified. There are eco friendly products such as vinegar or bicarbonate that are excellent cleaners and that will help you save and avoid buying so many products in plastic bottles.
  15. Join the DIY (Do it Yourself). It's time to get down to work to take care of the environment so you can make your own soap or cream. The craft of this type as well as helping in the fight for the elimination of plastics are an excellent way to eliminate stress from the day.
  16. If you are a woman, avoid tampons and compresses. As we said at the beginning they are polluting and end up in the sea, so they can be replaced, for example, with a menstrual cup.
  17. Avoid disposable razors. Use electric razors or other utensils that are reusable.


Ideas for recycling plastics

In addition to the following tips to reduce plastic consumption, you can take steps to recycle the plastics you use or have at home. We give you some ideas:

  • Vertical garden with plastic bottles. This is one of the most common ideas. It is about taking several plastic bottles that we have at home, cutting a hole in one side, leaving the cap and filling them with soil with some seeds. You can put several bottles in a row with a rope and hang them on a wall.
  • Canisters for pulses. You can use clear plastic bottles to make bean pots. Simply cut the bottle, fill it with some legume, cut a piece of a nice cloth, and use the cut piece as a lid holding it with a rubber band.
  • Filing cabinets with detergent or fabric softener bottles. Detergent or fabric softener bottles can become document filing cabinets. You will simply have to cut them on the side making the shape of a filing cabinet and you will be able to put your documents in order.


In short, it is about being aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and changing our habits to improve the health of the planet. You can start today with the advice Serendipity House Organic Shop have given you and you will see that you feel a positive change. Do you join the challenge of reducing the consumption of plastic?