How to clean your house in times of pandemic?

Cleaning your home during the confinement days is a good idea to take advantage of this time to do an in-depth cleaning of the house. On the one hand, because we have more time and we can clean with more effort than we usually do and, on the other hand, because cleaning and disinfection are fundamental to get rid of the coronavirus. Besides, of course, we all feel more comfortable living in a clean house, especially if we have to stay 24 hours inside it.

Next, we give you some advice to organize and clean our house well and to make it as bearable as possible.

Clean vs. Disinfect

First of all, it is clear to us that cleaning and disinfecting are not exactly the same thing. Sometimes we clean, but we don't disinfect. Ideally, we should first use a suitable cleaner and then disinfect with bleach, ammonia, or a disinfectant spray. 


Vinegar diluted in water also has a disinfecting effect. This will ensure that we get rid of all the viruses and bacteria that may be present, including the coronavirus if it had entered the house. It is true that there are also cleaning products that offer us both functions in one product and this can be more convenient, but also somewhat more expensive and perhaps not as effective.


The best thing to do is to first clean the dust and stains that may be present and then disinfect those smooth surfaces that we often touch, such as doorknobs (and the doors themselves), tables, chairs... 


It is also very important to disinfect the electronic devices that we constantly touch, such as the TV controls (and the TV itself), phones and telephones, tablets, computers, switches, etc.  On smooth surfaces, viruses can spread freely for a long time. However, on porous surfaces, such as fabric or paper, they die much sooner.

Clean your home well

After this first cleaning of "basics", we went to each of the rooms of the house:


  • Bathrooms and kitchen: Given the use that both places have, they are the biggest sources of possible infections in the house, so it is very important that we clean and disinfect them thoroughly. It is necessary to clean in-depth and to disinfect well the toilet, the washbasin, the taps, the radiator... Also small elements like the brush, the toilet paper holder, the towel rack. In the case of the kitchen: clean the worktop very well, where there is always some food left, and also the oven and microwave inside. It is very advisable to clean the refrigerator well, given its contact with food. You can also clean the cupboards inside and out, the shelves, the drawers, etc
  • Sofas, armchairs, and household linens: Clean the sofa and armchairs well, especially if you have pets and/or small children. Remove the covers or, if they are leather, clean them with a special product for upholstery. Put in the washing machine curtains, bedding, blankets, towels... At a high temperature they will be better disinfected, but be careful with the instructions on the label in each case so as not to damage them.
  • Windows: Clean the windows well too. Glasses with a good window cleaner and a cloth or kitchen paper. In addition, you can take advantage of it to give them a review of the joints, grease the fittings, etc. In this post, we gave you some tips on how to clean windows well.


Once we have cleaned everything well, we will finish by vacuuming the floor (remove and clean also the carpets, if you have them) and scrub the floor with a good disinfectant, appropriate for the type of floor in question: parquet, flooring, stoneware, etc.


We also remind you of this post where we gave you some tips to make this deep cleaning last longer. And the most important thing, as we said at the beginning, is to make sure that we are not only cleaning but also disinfecting and for that, we have to use the right products.


When you finish washing and drying the mop, remove your gloves, and immediately wash your hands with soap and water for at least 60 seconds.