Dandelion: Detox With This Yellow Charmer

Dandelion is one of the most beneficial medicinal plants for health and one of the most effective natural detoxifiers that herbal medicine offers us. Let's see what are the uses of dandelion to detoxify.

What is dandelion?

Scientifically known as taraxacum, dandelion is a species of flower belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is believed to be a type of plant native to certain regions of Europe and North America, and that appeared approximately 30 million years ago in Eurasia.

Dandelion is distinguished by being a herbaceous and perennial plant that grows and develops very easily in temperate climates. In addition, it is highly appreciated by farmers for its ease of reproduction and because it grows quickly and effectively.

Although dandelion has a large number of properties these are not popularly known, so it is usually traditionally used as an ornamental plant due to its flowers. There are two different types of dandelion flowers, depending on the subspecies of this and both are edible in their entirety, but all are characterized by having bright yellow flowers.

Although its benefits and properties are not well known, in traditional medicine dandelion has been widely used in the treatment of stomach conditions, gas, joint pain, eczema, and rashes or certain types of infections, especially viral infections.

In addition, as we mentioned, dandelion is completely edible and is also highly prized as a culinary ingredient.

This plant is usually added in salads, soups, wines, and infusions and in many places, the roasted dandelion root is used as a coffee substitute.

Dandelion Properties

The dandelion is not only not a single wild weed but is one of the best allies among detoxifying herbal medicines. It also has many health properties:

  • Stimulates digestion
  • Is diuretic
  • Stimulates the balance of blood sugar levels
  • Promotes the proper functioning of the liver and spleen
  • Provides minerals and vitamins

Uses of dandelion to detoxify

The most recognized use in herbal medicine for dandelion is to take advantage of its detoxifying function. This plant contains a substance called choline, which stimulates liver function and excretion of waste from the body as well as the proper absorption of nutrients.

The liver is the organ of the body that filters impurities, toxic and harmful substances that have entered the bloodstream through the skin, breath or food. The modern lifestyle makes the liver have an overloaded operation to defend ourselves from not so pure air and food plagued with preservatives and other additives in addition to alcohol, nicotine and other harmful elements.

An overloaded liver will express itself in symptoms such as acne, gas, fluid retention, constipation, and headaches. Dandelion can help relieve the liver and detoxify the body from excess toxins.

How to use dandelion to detoxify

Consume the leaves

They can be eaten raw, well washed, in a salad or sauteed, provided they are plants from your own garden that have not been sprayed with pesticides. The taste of its leaves is very similar to chicory. Consuming them regularly will help the proper functioning of the liver.

Dandelion Root Infusion:

Consume 1 to 2 teaspoons daily before each meal as a treatment for liver detoxification.

Dandelion Detoxifying Tea

There are several options for making detoxifying tea with dandelion. One of them includes the use of the roots and leaves of this plant. To prepare it, you must put 1 liter of water to boil. When it has already boiled, add 12 tablespoons of fresh dandelion leaves and 6 tablespoons of roots. Let rest for about 10 minutes, filter it and drink a cup once a day.

You can also have the Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion to gain all the magical benefits and detoxify your body.

How to use dandelion to help purify the digestive system

Benefits for the liver

The liver is the organ responsible for keeping the blood clean. This means that toxins that reach our bloodstream usually end up in the liver. Over time, as well as due to different factors, they can end up seriously damaging it.

Dandelion root can help detoxify the liver. The function of the plant is to hinder the creation of toxins and facilitate the disposal of existing ones. If the organ presents problems to function, the plant can help it to perform its functions in a normalized way.

Many specialists recommend the consumption of dandelion tea in order to reduce some negative effects of certain medications, as well as inflammations.

It is recommended to drink a cup of dandelion tea a day for approximately 7 days. Anyway, it is important to see a specialist at the time when symptoms are suffered. Only in this way can the problem be diagnosed and treated in the best possible way.

Help take care of the kidneys and treat urinary system problems

Dandelion leaves have great diuretic properties that facilitate the work of the kidneys by improving their functions and stimulating the flow of urine. Other benefits of dandelion leaves are the elimination of toxins, reflected in the appearance of the skin.

In the case of treating against problems such as fluid retention, kidney stones, edema, lymphatic inflammations, and bladder infections, dandelion helps by providing potassium and vitamin A among other nutrients.

However, it is important to consult the doctor before taking dandelion leaves because of the possible effects that it may cause in the body. Generally, a cup of tea a day for 4 days is enough to help detoxify the urinary system.

In relation to the gallbladder

The leaf and root of the dandelion, independently, have no effects in relation to the spleen and gallbladder. The only treatment for vesicular lithiasis is surgical. It is important to consult the problem with a doctor to keep strict control of the problem.

In addition, in the case of presenting an obstruction in the bile duct, its consumption is usually contraindicated. Hence the importance of always consulting all consumption of medicinal substances with experts.

Dandelion optimizes the basic functions of your body

Dandelion acts as a mild laxative that promotes digestion, stimulates appetite and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in your intestines.

  • In addition, it increases the production of bile to help us digest fat better.
  • It is a very effective diuretic that helps us eliminate the burden of waste, salt, and excess water by increasing urine production.
  • It also has the ability to balance the levels of sodium and potassium in the body.
  • On the other hand, if you usually suffer from an occasional urine infection, do not hesitate. Prepare proper infusions of dandelion.

Another advantage of which we have already told you in our space on more than one occasion is that this is one of the best plants to take care of our liver health. Its antioxidants, its power to restore hydration and electrolyte balance make it unique.

Considerations when using dandelion

Although dandelion has great properties, it must also be taken into account that it is a very strong product. For this reason, it is highly recommended to stay alert, and always consult their use with specialists. It is important to be able to react in time against any adverse reaction.

In addition, generally, in the case of being treated with insulin, diuretics, lithium or any other medication or supplements that help lower blood glucose levels, the consumption of infusions with dandelions is usually contraindicated.