Dandelions Can Help Boost The Immune System

Surely you have heard of this plant, but you have never stopped to think about the multiple benefits that dandelion has for your body. In this article, we will discuss the uses and properties of the most studied medicinal plant in the western world for its infinite medicinal, aesthetic and culinary applications.


Dandelion is a kind of common flower that can grow wildly in any terrain and that is often considered a weed. But nothing is further from reality, because this plant, with its ephemeral white flowers, houses a lot of medical and aesthetic benefits.

It is distinguished by being a herbaceous and perennial plant that grows and develops very easily in temperate climates. In addition, it is highly appreciated by farmers for its ease of reproduction and because it grows quickly and effectively.

For centuries this medicinal plant has been used to cure and prevent many diseases. Today it is one of the most studied herbs by Western medical science. So, if you have seen any nearby, just as of now you have reasons not to remove them from your garden, but quite the opposite, to collect them.


Although dandelion has a large number of properties, most are not known, so in many cases it has only been used as an ornamental plant due to its flowers. There are two different types of dandelion flowers, depending on the subspecies of this and both are edible in their entirety, but all are characterized by having bright yellow flowers.

In traditional medicine, dandelion has been widely used in the treatment of eczema and rashes or certain types of infections, especially viral infections, but especially in stomach conditions, gas and joint pain.

It is also highly appreciated as a culinary ingredient since it is totally edible as it can be added in soups, salads, wines or infusions. In addition, in some places, the roasted dandelion root is used as a coffee substitute.

We tell you one by one all the benefits of the application and the consumption of dandelion in our body.

Dandelion Improves Immune System

Dandelion is a medicinal plant that is known in many places around the world. According to a publication in Cambridge University Press, it is a source of various nutrients and biologically active substances. In addition, its roots and leaves contain vitamins (complexes A, K, C and B), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron), micronutrients, fibers, lecithin and choline.

This same study highlights that, in addition, the plant has properties such as immunomodulator, digestive stimulant, prebiotic, insulin stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic, antineoplastic and demulcent. However, given the scarcity and limitations of the studies carried out, more evidence is needed to prove its benefits, safe doses and effectiveness.

For the time being, dandelion is used in complementary medicine in moderate amounts, whether in capsules, extracts or infusions. In detail, its benefits include

Eliminates Free Radicals

On our website, we are always talking about the causes and harms of excess free radicals in the body. The reason for constantly debating this issue is the immense amount of disease caused by such radicals. We understand that it is super important to present new weapons to fight diseases. That way, we'll show you one more!

The dandelion leaves are rich in beta-carotene and the flowers in polyphenol. Both are known antioxidants. In this way, this plant becomes more an ally and can help prevent some types of cancer, cardiovascular problems or senile diseases, usually caused by a large number of free radicals in the body.

Helps eliminate excess water

A study carried out with 17 volunteers showed that the dandelion plant has great diuretic potential. After consuming the leaves of the plants, an increase in the frequency and volume of the urine of the participants was observed.

And why is this important?

Diseases such as hypertension, kidney and heart failure are treated with diuretics, drugs that help decrease fluid retention and eliminate specific salts. Diuretics with natural active ingredients can help with fluid adjustment in the body and kidney function.

Dandelion is a great friend of the liver

The largest gland in the human body, the liver, has a special relationship with the dandelion plant.

A study by the Korean Food Research Institute (KFRI), showed that the dandelion leaf has properties that can reduce liver fat, triglycerides and total cholesterol. That is, this plant has great potential in the prevention and treatment of fatty liver diseases related to obesity.

In addition, evidence suggests that some dandelion antioxidants, such as vitamin C and luteolin, help to protect and detoxify the great “general” of the human body: the liver!

Dandelion Facts

The first medicinal uses of this plant were registered between the 10th and 11th centuries, by Arab doctors who used it as a liver tonic, laxative and diuretic. In the Middle Ages, Europeans used dandelions to treat diseases of the liver and gallbladder. It is a plant that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used in stomach problems, flatulence, gallstones, bile stimulation, laxative and diuretic.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned in this article, the dandelion plant still has some surprises :

  • Because of vitamin A, it is good for the skin
  • Vitamin C increases the body's immunity
  • Your iron helps prevent anemia
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Has anti-inflammatory action due to vitamins and minerals

It can be consumed in the form of food, tincture, capsule and tea.

Nutritionists recommend consuming two to three cups of tea a day. It is important to strictly follow this indication as the excess of the plant can cause heartburn and diarrhea. Remembering that it is essential to consult a health professional, especially pregnant women, nursing mothers and children, before starting any type of treatment.

Dandelion tea for low immunity

You may not realize that the yellow, flowering weeds that take over your yard each spring can help you fight the cold. In fact, dandelions were revered as medicinal plants for centuries; only recently has humanity forgotten that flowers have powerful benefits for boosting immunity. The researchers believe that the chemical compounds present in dandelions release toxins from the body, helping to fight infection by the immune system. However, dandelion is a strong diuretic - it makes you need to urinate - and can affect other medications, so talk to your doctor before taking it regularly. Dandelion coffee has the same characteristics to strengthen the immune system.


Due to its large amounts of antioxidants such as flavonoids, phenolic compounds and sesquiterpenes it can eliminate free radicals. Therefore, reduce oxidative stress, an important factor in the development of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This way dandelion can improve your immune system.