Find Your Health And Wellness Trends For 2022







The year 2021 was one of progress and reckoning. We emerged from the 2020 trials with a higher feeling of understanding, attention, and eagerness to continue forward. And, with a new year approaching, we're not about to slow down. When it comes to well-being in 2022, we're delving deeper while also looking at the larger picture. We're turning inside and discovering new ways to heal, from harnessing the power of music to emphasizing the necessity of fueling our whole biome. After months of growing isolation, we're discovering groups that speak to our emotional and spiritual well-being through social media and beyond. We're also looking outside of ourselves, realizing that our wellness is meaningless if our world and populations are suffering. We're working hard to remove stigmas and make well-being more accessible to the general public. In essence, 2022 is the year that questions, "How will we survive?" How will we use what we've learned to build a healthier, stronger, and more scientifically informed future for all?

Sound healing is sweeping the world of health and wellness

While sound has captivated people for millennia, auditory experiences will strike new notes in the field of well-being in the next year. Psychoacoustics is the phrase to know in 2022, from individualized soundscapes driven by artificial intelligence to a resurgent interest in traditional practices like sound baths. Examine your surroundings. What seems space around you is alive with sound waves and vibrations. If only we could see it: music's smooth, rhythmic waves. The rough, jagged lines of unstructured and random noise. However, because the sound is invisible, we can only perceive how it feels (think nails on a chalkboard or "your song" playing at the grocery store). We already know that sound is powerful from that vantage point. However, by 2022, the influence of sound on well-being will be detected through what is known as psychoacoustics.

Innovators are making strides to democratize longevity

Pioneering scientists, specialists, and innovators try to make longevity research and resources available to the general public rather than simply the rich few. With the advent of at-home tests, goods, and technology, 2022 will be a watershed moment in assisting people in living healthier lives for longer periods. Humans appear to have been attempting to fight mortality for as long as recorded history has existed—to seek the elixir of life or fountain of youth, if you will. That search hasn't precisely stalled in our modern period; it's just had a rebranding. The holy grail is now optimizing longevity. Unfortunately, the science and economics of longevity, like the mythological origins of immortality in ancient times, have felt enigmatic, reserved for only the scientific elite and affluent biohackers.

However, a group of trailblazing scientists, specialists, and innovators attempt to disseminate that wealth by making longevity research and tools available to the general public. No, this does not always imply extending lifespans to 200 years old. Rather, it means giving resources to increase healthspans, allowing people to live happier, healthier lives for as long as feasible. 

Embracing & nourishing the full-body biome

In the last decade, microbiome research has expanded, allowing us to learn more and more about the complicated subtleties at work between the creatures living on, in, and around us, as well as their relationship to us. As a result, we're developing a clearer sense of caring for these distinct eco-niches as the corpus of knowledge grows.

Doctors are taking on leadership roles in the environmental movement

Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are already experiencing the consequences of global warming in their work. Some of them are now taking a position and adding "climate activist" to their list of professional duties.

Doctors are emerging as environmental activists' leaders

We expect smart, inventive supplement businesses to gain traction in 2022, producing new forward-thinking formulae. These smart supplements will incorporate strategic enhancements that reflect the most recent scientific findings.

We are now living in a more trauma-informed environment

The dialogue about mental health and trauma has broadened and developed more than ever before. With social media networks forming, individuals speaking out, and science advancing, 2022 is on course to be a more trauma-informed future. 

Bodywork is becoming the new focal point for facial skincare

While the skincare business is primarily concerned with the face, more consumers turn to modalities south of the neck to improve their overall skin health. Bodywork is nothing new, but it is becoming increasingly important for skincare professionals and patients alike. 

The fertility spotlight is shifting to men

As fertility awareness continues to rise, one critical element of the jigsaw will receive much-needed attention in 2022: male fertility. With alarming data concerning sperm decline and a heightened awareness of reproductive health, this issue can no longer be ignored.



Instagram is attracting a new audience for spiritual self-care

Since the epidemic began, spiritual well-being has spread further and wider than ever before, thanks to technology and Instagram. Here's how spirituality became popular and where we think it'll go next.

Prioritizing girls' mental & physical health is more vital than ever

This past year, girls have encountered significant barriers on their way to general health and well-being, reaching a global scale we cannot ignore. While women's health is always an important topic to discuss, it appears that navigating wellness (and life) as a girl is more challenging than ever before—and in 2022, we're advocating for a renewed and long-needed focus on women and girls.