Friday Favorites: Dandy Blend and Cinnamon Vanilla Latte Recipe

I bet you are planning to have Dandy Blend and Cinnamon Vanilla Latte? That’s why you are reading this post. It’s an amazing drink if you have not tried yet. You may have tested Cinnamon Vanilla Latte Recipe. But you are about to know the exceptional Dandy Blend and Cinnamon Vanilla Latte Recipe.

Let’s dive right in.

Introduction to Dandy Blend

As you already know Dandy Blend is a natural drink that can be used as a substitute for coffee. The dandy blend is made from a dandelion plant with all-natural ingredients. The best part about the dandy blend is: it has got the flavor and taste the same as coffee. You will have no objection to the taste for sure.

Consuming coffee regularly has many side effects. Some people complain about having a headache because of coffee. So, they had to find an alternative to replace the coffee. As a herbal origin drink with no side effects dandy blend is a perfect choice.

You may have doubts in your mind that, whether you get the same taste and flavor from the dandy blend? But we want to clear all your doubts about it. The Dandy blend has a perfect taste of coffee and works in the same way.

It will be a wonderful experience to have this coffee substitute with beneficial characteristics. Your body will thank you for this.

Dandy Blend and Cinnamon Vanilla Latte

Latte drink is a popular coffee drink. It is one of the world's top five leaders. Latte classics are already known all over the world. People are already making lattes with cinnamon, with syrups, with ice cream, etc. Although this drink was once revived in an Italian family. And it was prepared for children.

Whether in the morning, at work or to give more energy, coffee with cinnamon is a drink that is successful and can be present throughout the day. To make any moment more special and tasty, check out a selection of recipes from this delicious combination:

Ingredients for Dandy Blend Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino:

  • Dandy Blend (granular or freeze-dried) - 1 stack.
  • Sugar - 1 stack.
  • Water (ICE !!!) - 1 stack.
  • Milk(This is an approximate amount. How much milk does not matter. It depends on what cups you have and how much foam you put) - 300 ml
  • Vanilla - to taste
  • Cinnamon - to taste


Put the milk to boil together with the seeds of a vanilla bean and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Let it cool down and then put it in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, prepare the Dandy Blend coffee, put sugar according to your habits and let it cool in the refrigerator. When both the coffee and the milk are cold mix them, shake them, filter and serve.

So, This version will help you have more energy and improve concentration, especially for the time of training. The drink is enhanced with good fats that make all the difference. Let us know your thoughts. Are you going to try this recipe and replace coffee with dandy blends?