Get Healthy and Beautiful Hair On Holiday!

Did your deserved vacation arrive? So it's time to put your feet up, forget about problems and enjoy this free time. However, our hair on vacation needs special attention. Sun exposure, chlorine in the pool, and seawater are some factors that can make the hair dry out during this period. See our list of care to enjoy the summer and have healthy hair.

Holiday Hair Care Tips

Travel, beach, and heat. Many women wait for the holidays to enjoy the best of summer. But as we can not forget hair on vacation, we will list what we can do to have strands that cause envy. Look that!

Anti-frizz And Shine Spray Help To Dribble Moisture From The Beach And Pool

It is during the summer that the hair tends to be drier because of the contact with the seawater and the chlorine of the pool, besides the sun. To revert this dehydration, which happens mainly on curly, curly, and thick hair, the threads tend to absorb as much humidity as possible, which ends up causing the frizz and the super voluminous aspect on the strands. To avoid the problem, the tip is to keep an anti-frizz or a shine spray always around.


Combing Cream Intensifies Protection And Helps Hydration

The combing cream is one of the sweet finishers of curly and curly, but it is not usually preferred by other women. However, on vacations, it is worth buying a cream that also contains sunscreen to intensify protection under the sun, besides making it easier to comb the threads when leaving the seawater or the pool. This way, the threads will be tame and without frizz when drying.

Hair Oil And Serum Help To Seal Double Ends

If during the vacations the tips of the hair begin to break, the tip is to apply hair oil or serum in the length and tips to seal and give more movement to the strands. For both products, just apply a few drops on the hand to then apply on the dry threads. When the hair is humid, the capillary oil becomes ideal to untangle the hair, because it is emollient and makes the threads lose more easily. 

Humectancy Can Be Done To Avoid Dryness Of The Threads

The humectation has become a darling of the curly and dry hair and ensure that bath of incredible shine! Made with hair oil all over the hair, it can also be done on summer vacations to avoid drying out right away or at the end of the days off, if the hair is dry. The advantage is that the humectation can be done during sleep, which will not take your vacation time. Just apply the hair oil on all the threads, from the root to the ends, let the product act, and then remove it well with cold water.


To be more practical when drying hair and brushing your hair, take a rotating brush. The accessory works with a brush and a dryer at the same time.

Be careful with the sun

Always have a hair sunscreen in your luggage. The product protects the wires from excessive sunlight.

Time to wash

Do not wash your hair with hot water. The high water temperature causes several damages to the hair and scalp.

That way you have no excuse to get your hair done badly, right girls? And best of all, you can find natural hair care products easily in Serendipity House Limited with a little price that also fits in the pocket.

So, let's enjoy the vacation and still keeping the hair healthy!