Hair Care Secrets for Long, Healthy Locks

Who can deny that one of the best things a woman can wear is her hair? You can make any style you want and change it in minutes. However, achieving a long and healthy hair is not entirely easy.

Keeping your hair in the desired condition requires a proper routine and natural treatments, but fortunately, there are some options that will require little effort or time and will give you amazing results.

Don't believe us? Read on and we'll give you some great tips for long, healthy hair.

Use unsalted shampoo and, if possible, make it natural

We know that the purpose of shampooing is to cleanse the hair and scalp. Therefore, when buying this product, you should consider the characteristics of your hair to select the most favorable.

For some time now, the use of salt-free shampoos has been commonplace. Rather than being a fad or a commercial trick, you should know that salt does not provide real benefits for your hair.

On the contrary, salt increases frizz and reduces natural moisture, so it prevents you from having long, healthy hair. If you have treatments such as straightening, deep moisturizing or hair massages it is essential that you use a salt-free shampoo to improve the effects.

Our recommendation is that you choose a shampoo that is as natural as possible.


If you want your hair to grow, you should trim the ends regularly. The cut is a stimulus for growth because it promotes a renewal of the threads and removes the split ends, which make the hair grow more slowly.

Take care of your scalp

Maintaining the health of the scalp also contributes to beauty and hair growth. If you forget about it and the result will be dandruff, flaking, excess oiliness and even damage to hair nutrition.

The skin of the scalp should be the focus of attention especially for people with thin hair because it is more exposed to solar radiation and its damage.

Another thing is to massage the skin of the scalp during washing to stimulate circulation in the area.


Drying is one of the main villains of long hair because the naturally produced oils on the scalp cannot reach the ends. Hydration is important to keep any hair beautiful and healthy, and in the case of long hair, it is indispensable.

But beware: masks and conditioners should not be applied at the root! Make sure you rinse well to remove all residues.

Braid your hair

If you do not have much time to fix your hair daily without damaging it or to apply serums that fight damage, braiding is your best option to achieve long and healthy hair.

This hairstyle is not only beautiful, but it is also comfortable and protects your hair from toxic agents, such as pollution if you wear braids when you are on the street. This is because most of the hair is covered and protected.

By braiding our hair, especially at bedtime, we avoid getting tangled up in bed, making brushing easier the next day and preventing us from breaking so much. This is a good way to maintain healthy hair and allow it to grow.

Activate blood circulation

You just need to brush your hair and give a massage. It is a simple and very pleasant treatment.

The best thing is that, if you have a very stressed day, the massage will also help you release some tension. Remember that the massage should be gentle and you have to apply it to the entire scalp.

If you are following any hair treatment, the massage will help activate the nutrients.

A simple technique is as follows:

  • Gently massage the scalp with the bristles of your comb while brushing it.
  • Every three days put a couple of drops of lavender oil on your hands and massage your scalp with your fingertips.

Brushes and flushes in the right way

Excessive friction caused by the comb or brush may weaken the threads, resulting in frizz, lack of shine and double ends. To eliminate this type of damage, brushes with natural bristles or wood combs are the best options.

Take your time to comb your hair. Unwrapping the hair anyway also causes damage. The best time to do this is during the bath or after applying a leave-in because the threads are more flexible and offer less resistance.

Wet? No way!

When the hairs are wet they become more flexible and therefore break easily. So never sleep with wet hair! This bad habit even affects hair health and can contribute to the proliferation of fungus and bacteria on the scalp.

Also, avoid holding it still wet - much less soaked. Ideally, let your hair breathe and wash it in the early hours of the day.

Wash properly

As relaxing as it may seem, don't wash your hair with too much hot water not every day. Coldwater helps to close the cuticles and avoid that frizzy, flaky look.

Using anti-wrinkle shampoo once a week helps to balance the pH of the strands and eliminate dirt that accumulates during the week.

Take a Balanced Diet

Those who feed poorly run the risk of getting weak and brittle hair. If you want your hair to grow faster, try to eat foods rich in amino acids (present in meat), silicon (oats) and zinc (found in cereals).

Foods rich in vitamin B7, biotin, also help in the beauty and health of highlights.

Stay Stress-free

Yeah, stress messes with wire growth. It alters the functioning of the whole body and ends up impacting the cycle of the hair follicles - can lead to serious cases of hair loss.

So relax, sleep better, engage in physical activity. Finally, do not let this villain affect your hair. By following these tips you can have long, beautiful and healthy hair.