How to Repair Damaged Hair

This summer your hair has been damaged by sun, sea, and chlorine. In the beginning, they are weakened and dry.

Do not panic! Here is all you need to know to find a silky hair.

Our hair will require little attention and appropriate care to quickly find shine and vitality.

Let's enjoy the autumn to treat them and show a hair sparkling and silky.

1. Bye-bye chemicals

To repair your hair, the first thing to do is to stop hair products containing mineral oils or shampoos containing silicone. Prefer vegetable oils like organic Natulique Moroccan Argan Oil. A few drops on the dry tips will do them the greatest good.

2. Cut the split ends

Throughout the summer, your hair has been washed more than enough to remove traces of salt and chlorine from the pool. To regain a beautiful hair, activate the regeneration of hair by regularly using Green Beaver Hair Care- Cranberry Delight Shampoo a gentle organic shampoo that will hydrate and nourish the hair.

3. Pamper your scalp

During the shampoo, give yourself a moment of relaxation with a massage of the scalp. Start at the top of the skull, then slowly descend to the back of the neck. These gestures will stimulate blood circulation and thus boost hair regrowth.Magical!

4. Rinse with cold water

Restore shine to your hair with a rinse in cold water. For even more shine, mix with a lemon juice to tighten the scales. Guaranteed result!

5. Change your routine

Since it's impossible to get different results by always repeating the same gestures, your damaged hair is simply a sign that you have to change the way you maintain them. You should avoid washing your hair every single day. And when you use a shampoo, choose a rinse with cold water. You can also use hair masks and use them once a week.

6. Coloring, scanning? Raise your foot!

After the summer, let your hair rest a little: limit the colorations, sweeping, that dry the hair and make it duller. Also, limit the use of straighteners and lower the temperature of your hairdryer while blow-drying. Promised, your hair will thank you.

7. Eat healthy for healthy hair

When autumn arrives, the hair naturally falls, to avoid an excessive fall, adopt a healthy and balanced diet by favoring products rich in iron and zinc. Focus on fish and other seafood rich in essential and mineral fatty acids and whole grains. You can consider taking dietary supplements, if necessary.

8. Add new products to your beauty cabinet

Treat your hair with the natural ingredient made products to get the best result. As there are no artificial and harmful chemicals your hair will regain its beauty.

And above all, do not hesitate to ask for personalized advice from your hairdresser! All the hair is different and requires appropriate treatments.