How to Safely Clean Baby Bottles

Do you want to know how to clean bottles and teats in a completely safe way and prevent your baby from coming into contact with bacteria and microorganisms harmful to their health? We'll tell you about it in this article.

The arrival of a baby at home is usually accompanied by great joy, but also by nerves, doubts and an endless number of routines and household chores previously unknown. One of the most time-consuming tasks is cleaning the bottles your baby swallows non-stop throughout the day. Many parents create a real cordon sanitaire at home to prevent bacteria from getting close to the newborn, sterilizing everything is compulsive. However, you don't need to lose your head either. In this article, we give you some guidelines on how to clean bottles and teats safely and effectively.

Always clean hands

Perhaps it is the most important step in the bottle cleaning task. We must ensure that our hands are completely clean, and be very thorough in that, as it is the main source of contamination. You can use alcohol disinfectant solutions, this is very useful when we are away from home. Although the classic method of cold water and soap is equally effective.


How to wash bottles and teats

Bottles and teats should be washed with cold water and the dishwasher you normally use. We recommend the range of cleaning liquid by the SEVENTH GENERATION, with which you will get maximum efficiency in cleaning and disinfection. Although there is a widespread belief that very hot water helps to eliminate germs, in reality, it contains a greater amount of harmful microorganisms.

Some bottles are suitable for putting them in the dishwasher, but we must make sure of them and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Reach every corner, conscientiously

The bottles and teats should be cleaned thoroughly with a natural ingredient made dishwashing liquid. For this, it is strongly advisable to use the bottle cleaning brush. These are elongated brushes that reach all the folds of the bottle, especially those of the nozzle and the nipple. In this way, we ensure that no trace of milk remains which can reproduce microorganisms easily.

Air dry in a safe environment

Once clean, we must let the bottles and teats dry upside down on a clean cloth or accessory designed for this purpose. It is not advisable to dry the interior with napkins or other materials. The drying phase will also be carried out with the pieces apart from each other to ensure that no wet areas remain.

It doesn't seem so difficult, right? It is true that it can be inconvenient at first, but soon it becomes a fun thing to do. The most important thing is your baby will be safe and sound from infectious diseases. If you have any other questions about cleaning bottles and teats, write to us by leaving a comment below, we will answer you.