Introduce Dandelion Into Your Diet Slowly

What parts are consumed from a dandelion?

Spring is the best time to collect tender leaf buds of dandelion if we want to eat them fresh in salads. Also, they can be stored in a cloth sack to dry. The roots are collected at the end of summer or winter and are kept in a glass container with a tight lid. The parts that are used are the following:


They are like a kind of spinach and are eaten raw in salads or cooked to fill pies.

They have a rather bitter taste when they have some time in the plant. Therefore, it is better to eat tender or small sprouts.

Some people drink an infusion made with dried leaves for medicinal purposes.


Before they open they can be pickled in salt and vinegar as is the case with capers.

They can be fried or added fresh to salads. It is an excellent option that, in addition to being decorative, has many beneficial properties.


When the plant is 2 years old or older (it is an adult) a part of its root can be cut, roasted and used as a substitute for caffeine to make infusions. In the same way, different studies state that it could be a great ally to prevent certain types of malignant tumors.

They can be fried or added fresh to salads. It is an excellent option that, in addition to being decorative, has many beneficial properties.

Dandelion as food

In addition to being used as a medicine, you already know: dandelion is also edible! It is even recognized by FAO (a major United Nations institution that deals with food issues) as a food source. A study showed that every 100 grams (g) of dandelion has 15.48 g of protein and 47.8 g of fiber, significant amounts to be considered as a food source, according to the study itself. The same research points to dandelion also as a source of potassium and helps in weight loss.

It is an amazing thing that you can eat the whole plant. Literally, you can eat every part of it such as roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. It is very similar to the taste of bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd.

And for those who like to taste bitter, you can prepare it as salad, green juice, and tea. The roasted root of dandelion can even replace coffee. But those who don't like bitterness and still want to enjoy the benefits of dandelion can braise it in olive oil and garlic to soothe. Another possibility is to make dandelion crumbs, as in the recipe below:


  • 2 cups washed and chopped dandelion leaves;
  • 4 cups of manioc flour;
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil (or to taste);
  • 1 chopped onion;
  • Salt to taste (suggestion of half a tablespoon);

Store the washed flowers and keep them raw to decorate the dish (optional).

Method of preparation

Most people know what a dandelion looks like and many for an intense fight to get rid of the sun-yellow flowers and associated leaves. Think about and see dandelions as an asset in your green kitchen pantry. Pick fresh dandelion leaves and put in a salad. You can combine with cherry, arugula, and spinach. The slightly bitter taste is reduced if you put the leaves in ice-cold water for about an hour. From the flowers of the dandelion, you can make both juice and tea. In times of war when coffee was rationed, fake coffee was made of roasted dandelion root.

Pour the four tablespoons of olive oil into a pan and heat with the chopped onion. Before the onion begins to brown completely, add the dandelion. After braising it, with the onion already golden, add the manioc flour and salt. Stir all ingredients until lightly browned and ready to serve. You can also use raw (washed) flowers to decorate the dish as they are also edible.

The most important thing is besides introducing dandelion into your diet slowly, you may consider having dandelion tea regularly. This tea helps detoxify your liver and kills cancer cells.


You can use dandelion in your salads as a great way to keep your liver healthy. You can also choose to make a detoxifying tea. It is perfect for digestion and also helps the kidneys to fight some problems. However, it is important that you drink it responsibly, without overdoing it.