Main Causes of Hair Loss And How To Prevent

Both men and women are subject to different causes of hair loss. As much as this is a problem that usually arises in old age and affects people of the male sex, the process can also be accelerated due to several factors, causing it to appear around the age of 30 or 40.

To prevent it, or find out why your hair may be weakening and falling out, it is essential that you know the main causes and understands what you can do to prevent this from happening or that it gets worse over time.

In this post, we will help you to clarify some doubts on the subject!

Discover the main causes of hair loss

There are several issues that can be related to the constant and abnormal hair loss, after all, to some extent it is normal for hair to fall a little while washing or combing it. Knowing these factors can help you identify the problem, prevent it from happening, or assist in choosing a specialist to do a treatment.


If you are going through a stressful time in your life with work or personal issues, be aware that this, as well as a lack of self - care, can be affecting your scalp and causing hair loss.

This happens because, when we are stressed, our brain reduces the amount of some hormones and produces others, influencing the hair. Not to mention that the body practically stops some functions to be able to focus on solving the problem. That is why, in such cases, it is common for the threads to grow slowly at these times.

Use of some medications

You may have noticed that the medications we take have some side effects. Of course, not everyone is affected by these symptoms, while others experience some of them. For example, some antibiotics, antidepressants, and antiallergic agents can cause this disease.

So if you are on continuous medication or have started taking any recently, notice if the symptoms started with treatment. It is worth taking a look at the package insert to check if hair loss is one of the possible side effects. 

Genetic or venereal diseases

One of the most frequent causes of premature hair loss is the presence of genetic diseases. This can be a problem caused only by a hereditary factor, especially in the case of men.

So, notice if other people in your family have also suffered or suffer from this disease. If your father, uncle, grandmother, mother, or other relatives have this complaint, chances are great that it may be a genetic cause. In this case, using products that stimulate the growth of the hair and make a good cleaning can help. 

Vitamin deficiencies

Vitamins are essential for hair growth in an appropriate, strong, and constant manner. A diet low in nutrients can, in fact, harm the health of your hair, causing it to fall out and be weakened.

As the body needs vitamins for various functions, when these nutrients are ingested in low quantities the body uses them for the parts that are most essential. In this way, the hair, as well as nails and skin, are in the background. So it is very important to be aware of your diet.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormones are closely related to hair health. For this reason, imbalances such as thyroid problems usually affect them. In the case of women, the use of contraceptives, as well as postpartum and menopause can also impair normal hair growth due to hormonal changes.

In these situations, it is necessary to evaluate with endocrine to perform a hormonal replacement, make treatment for thyroid, use vitamin supplements, among other solutions that vary according to your case and causes.

Know what to do to avoid this problem

For starters, if you have already noticed a greater than normal hair loss, it is important that you avoid as much as possible all the main causes of this problem. In addition, there are also some things you can do to help your hair grow healthy. Check it out below!

Have a balanced diet

One of the most essential changes to stay away from problems with the health of the wires is to have a balanced diet. This means eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, vegetables ... preferably always opting for food in its less industrialized form.

Not forgetting to keep up with routine checkups to find out if your body is getting the proper amount of nutrients. Otherwise, the idea is to supplement with a professional to ensure the supply of vitamins and minerals.

Use good quality hair products

The products we use on a daily basis also have a great influence on our wires. Poor quality items can harm you by weakening your hair or even filling your scalp with bad ingredients.

If you already suffer from hair loss problems or if it fits into any of the main factors listed, it is worth investing in quality and specialized products so as not to aggravate the situation and keep your hair strong and healthy.

Shampoos and other products that have a deep cleaning function can help reduce hair loss since they clean the root of the hair well, where substances that tend to be harmful accumulate.

Practice healthy habits

There are some healthy habits that assist in the proper functioning of the body as a whole. To begin with, avoiding smoking is essential. It is also worth taking care of your mental health so as not to suffer from stress.

To assist in this, self-care and physical exercise are also very advantageous, since it favors a more peaceful and less stressed mind, reduces the risk of diseases, and reduces the need for medication, in addition to helping the body to be well regulated.

Did you see how there are several causes of hair loss? Our wires are related to several issues of functioning of our body, when something goes wrong they can also be affected. So it is essential to look for suitable products and lead a life with healthy habits so as not to suffer from it!

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