Makeup For Oily Skin: 5 Tips To Keep Skin Beautiful And Healthy

The type of skin is determined by genetics. Each type of skin requires special care, be it normal, dry, mixed, and oily. Who has an oily face, for example, needs to deal with excessive brightness and issues such as blackheads and pimples - very recurrent in these cases. To have a beautiful and healthy face, it is important to wear makeup for proper oily skin to avoid these problems.

Oily skin is a consequence of excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands. As a result, the pores are enlarged and the face has an intense shine - especially on the forehead, nose, and chin. The causes can be genetic or secondary, such as inadequate nutrition, hormonal changes, use of comedogenic substances and stress.

Continue reading and check out how to prepare your skin and make good use of makeup for oily skin!

1. Clean the skin

Before starting makeup, it is essential to clean the skin with soap and specific exfoliating. They help to remove impurities and dead skin, promoting a real renewal in the skin of the face. With that, all makeup for oily skin has a much better finish and durability.

In addition to cleansing, toning is essential to keep your skin healthy. The facial tonics complement this step and balance the skin's pH, and have a simple application and withdraw waste soaps do not remove, such as sunscreen and makeup residue. 

These dermo-cosmetics also improve the action of moisturizers and treatment creams, in addition to not stimulating oil production, as they are usually water-based products.

The facial tonics also treat the skin. They shrink pores, fight skin aging, control oiliness, brighten, and revitalize the face. It all depends on the type of product you choose, so it is important to choose an item suitable for oily skin.

2. Invest in suitable brushes

It is essential to avoid using your fingers while applying foundation or concealer. They can warm the skin and increase oil production. So, whenever possible, opt for brushes or sponges to spread makeup for oily skin.

Cat tongue brushes are found in any store and can be used in liquid or creamy products. The duo-fiber option mixes natural and synthetic fibers and is more compact, filling all areas of the face in an even and practical way.

The kabuki model is dense and creates good coverage quickly. Due to their greater amount of bristles, they have a professional effect and are used both in mineral bases and in blush and translucent powders.

Sponge brushes are widely used and indicated for applying eyeshadow. They have high precision power, for both powder and compact and creamy options. Because they receive less product concentration, they are a great accessory for smudging.

3. Use specific products for oily skin

It is essential, for example, to clean the face with specific soaps, which remove this excess in the morning.

Another tip is not to use very hot water, as it removes the natural oil from the skin, stimulating the body to produce more sebum. So, prefer warm or cold water. Products with resveratrol or vitamin C improve the firmness of the skin and reduce expression lines and wrinkles, in addition to being great options to help hydrate the skin.

As one of the main complaints of those with oily skin is the excess of visible pores, it is worth investing in a pore reducer to solve this problem. The product should be used after soap and tonic and before makeup. Then, moisturize your skin to protect it from everyday aggressions. Thus, you get immediate and lasting control of oiliness.

4. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen

Some people believe that it is not necessary to moisturize the skin, especially due to its shiny appearance. However, the lack of hydration can cause a rebound effect - one in which the skin produces even more oil to stay hydrated.

With hydration up to date, the body understands that it does not need to produce more oil against external aggressions. When choosing a sunscreen, a fundamental item in daily care, opt for toning or powder versions, with oil-free composition. Thus, your skin is protected against the dryness caused by the sun.

Who has oily skin should invest in cosmetics with oil-free composition and adequate texture so as not to aggravate the problem, usually gel texture, gel-cream, and serum are the most suitable. Whenever possible, choose non-greasy, watery, fluid products with great hydrating power, even if used in small quantities.

5. Use primer and fixing spray

The makeup fixer is a product that keeps production in place. It is used to create a light, thin, and invisible layer in production. In this way, the product prolongs the duration of the makeup, preventing it from melting or the color fading over time.

For the result to be even better, the idea is to invest in an oil-free or translucent formula, especially for those looking for a matte effect. Thus, the colors do not change after the product is applied.

The primer is also used to maintain makeup for a longer time without fading the tone or smudging. In general, it is usually gel or creamy, with the main function of reducing pores. With this, the product prevents the skin from becoming oily throughout the day.

With drier and more even skin, it is easy to achieve a more beautiful finish. Consequently, makeup lasts much longer, even if used on a daily basis.

Wearing makeup for good quality oily skin is essential to keep your face beautiful and healthy. Oily products clog pores and can aggravate problems like blackheads and whiteheads. Today, it is possible to find oil-free items, with matte effect, light texture, and non-comedogenic that help to reduce oiliness.