MCT Oil: The Trending Fat Burning Solutions

The MCT oil is becoming increasingly popular. The product in question is named by the acronym that means "medium-chain triglycerides", that is, medium-chain triglycerides. It is also known as TCM oil.

These triglycerides are a special type of fatty acids, that is, good fats that are digested quickly by the body, which can assist in burning fat.


Thus, this type of fat differs from the others in that it has a smaller size in the carbon chain compared to other types of fats such as long-chain triglycerides. This provides a  different and faster metabolism, which can be compared to that of carbohydrates.


Rich in good fats, these are quickly metabolized by our body to produce energy. And it is precisely for this reason that it has been gaining more and more popularity, transforming this substrate into an energy source for immediate use.


8 health benefits of MCT oil

Despite being known as a supplement for those who need high doses of energy to practice intense activities, this supplement has other health benefits. Check out some of them according to the nutritionist:

  1. Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders: in hospitals and outpatient clinics, it is used to treat food absorption disorders, including diarrhea, poor digestion of fat, celiac disease, liver disease, among others, reveals professionals.
  2. Nutritional support: as experts explain, in the sports area MCT oil can be used by athletes, as nutritional support during training, as well as to decrease body fat and provide an increase in muscle mass.
  3. Aid in weight loss: due to having a lower caloric content than other fats, these are minimally stored and contribute to the metabolism, improving the burning of calories.
  4. Helps control appetite: as this supplement offers a feeling of satiety, it helps to control the urge to eat outside of mealtimes.
  5. Prevention of atherosclerosis: according to the professional, this type of fatty acid has beneficial properties in preventing this type of disease, such as its anticoagulant function and the reduction of cholesterol in the liver.
  6. Helps in the treatment of diabetes: with glycemic reducing action, it can be an adjunct in the treatment of this disease.
  7. Increased aerobic resistance: ideal function for cyclists or marathoners, with the consumption of this oil it is possible to increase performance in aerobic activities.
  8. Cognitive improvement: acting on the increase of ketones in the body, it helps to fight diseases like Alzheimer's and prevent seizures.

How to ingest MCT oil


Available in capsules, powder, or liquid versions, the nutritionists recommend that the doses be individualized and specific for each proposed objective. But in general, it is recommended to ingest an average of 4.5 to 9.0 ml a day, or as instructed by a nutritionist or doctor.


Its liquid version can have wide culinary use, since it has a neutral flavor and allows it to be heated at high temperatures (up to around 150ºC), without losing its properties. It is worth adding it to juices, shakes, coffee, salads, or in the preparation of recipes.


Should I take MCT oil before or after training?

With the function of guaranteeing high doses of energy, especially for an aerobic exercise or interval training with aerobic and anaerobic exercises, the most recommended is to consume it before training. However, once again nutritional monitoring is recommended, indicating the best form of consumption for each patient.


What is the difference between coconut oil and MCT?

According to the nutritionist, despite being similar, MCT oil has a different composition from traditional coconut oil. With a composition of about 62% MCT, coconut oil has seven times less caprylic and capric acid than the concentrations found in MCT oil.


Among other differences between the compounds present in the two types of oils, it is possible to highlight the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil, being absent in MCT.  While MCT oil has a neutral flavor and the lowest caloric value, coconut oil has a characteristic flavor and is rich in calories.


Contraindications to its consumption

Although safe for most people, the professional highlights the contraindication of its consumption for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people with liver diseases. It is also worth mentioning that the recommended quantities must always be respected. In addition to causing side effects, an overdose can generate weight gain.


Among the main side effects observed, it is possible to experience nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort, being recommended lower doses at the beginning of treatment, with progressive increase according to the patient's tolerance.


Ideal supplement for those who need high energy doses, MCT oil can be an ideal alternative for practitioners of intense physical activities and for those who seek weight loss. Like other herbal medicines, its use must be accompanied by specialized professional assistance.