Mother's Day Gifts & Present Ideas 2021

The special Mother's Day gift is one in which you place all your love and gratitude for this dear person. However, it is not always easy to give a gift to someone for whom we feel so much affection. Therefore, we have separated several ideas to help you in this mission. Check out the following article!


30 ideas for a special Mother's Day gift

Moms have different styles and each one has its own particularity. But this is not why you need to exaggerate in the present: simple items also touch the heart and will make your mother happy. Below are several options, from the economical ones, to make at home, to more expensive and sophisticated items:

1. Special love letter or card

Do you like to write letters, poems, or draw? So, make your skills a special gift for your mom! She will love to see that her daughter prepared a personalized letter or card with a lot of love and effort. And if you prefer to send texts ready, but deep, see tips of phrases or messages for Mother's Day.

2. Massage done by you

Nothing better than pampering your mother and making her more relaxed, don't you think? You will not spend anything and you will still get a smile from her! See our article on relaxing massage and understand the benefits it brings to the body.

3. Playlist made especially for her

Receiving a personalized gift like this is as good as any other item purchased. That's because it will make your mother realize how much you notice her musical taste and like to see her happy. Also suggest songs that you like and that, when you listen, remember the energy and affection of this person so dear. It is the perfect treat for the mother who already has everything!

4. Prolonged phone call

You haven't talked to your mom in a while and she lives far away? How about making a call and catching up for a few good hours? Tell all the details of what has been going on in your life and comfort her over the phone. Sometimes, a little more attention is all they want!

5. Dinner or homemade lunch

If you live with your mother, how about surprising her with a different meal prepared by you? In addition to being a gesture of affection, it is an inexpensive gift that will amaze you. See recipe ideas! Oh, and don't forget to wash the dishes, okay?


6. Sunday dessert

Another option is to make a very tasty and easy sweetie sweeten the life of your mother and the rest of the family. You can use her favorite ingredients or even decorate with special elements for her.


7. Box of chocolates

Chocolates are also a delicious idea, aren't they? And you can do it differently: order the box of Mothers Day chocolates for delivery and talk to the establishment so that they put a special message in the gift.


8. Cute kitchen utensils

Do you know those delicate kitchen items, like the heart-shaped ice mold, teddy-bear-shaped shapes, an accessory that cuts the fruit directly into pieces or decorative plates? You can find different things like that in Daiso stores, for example.


9. Air Fryer

If your mom doesn't have the electric fryer yet, you can be sure she'll love getting one! In addition to making food healthier, as it does not take oil, preparing recipes is much more practical.


10. Wines or sparkling wines

Did you know that wine has several health benefits, if taken in a moderate dose? In addition to being a sophisticated gift, your mom will love drinking a few cups and chatting with you!


11. Hand cream

Does your mother spend a lot of time in contact with cold water or cleaning products? Or are you already old and like to take care of your skin? Give a cream to moisturize and repair the damage in that region. Bet on products with mild or neutral scents, to avoid allergies.


12. Bath salts

An invigorating bath brings a sense of well-being and is sometimes all that your mother needs in the day. Make this moment more pleasurable by giving it bath salts to cleanse, moisturize and relax your skin. She will love it!

13. Women's perfume

Perfume can boost women's self-esteem and guarantee a pleasant smell during the day. Does your mother have a sensitive sense of smell? Invest in milder odors to avoid headaches or irritation.

14. Makeup

Even if your mother does not like to put on makeup on a daily basis, a lipstick or concealer can, yes, cheer her up. The gesture shows that you care about her and want to bring out the best in her beauty.

15. Electric facial sponge

For those who love a skin care routine, a facial cleansing sponge is the ideal treat! The object exfoliates, removes residues and contributes to the circulation of the skin.

16. Room diffuser

Did you know that the aroma diffuser helps fight insomnia, controls anxiety, and has a natural scent? Use oils with a scent of rosemary, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, or sandalwood.

17. Personalized flower pot

Another idea is to bring more joy and charm to your mother's house with flower arrangements in a beautiful vase decorated by you. It is worth using pet bottles, wood and, who knows, even making a hanging garden!

18. Jewelry

Do you want to make your mother even brighter? Present her with elegant jewelry or jewelry. It doesn't matter the value: the main thing is the feeling involved.

19. Flowers or her favorite plants

Orchids, sunflowers, gerberas, astromelia ... Some mothers love to care for and give love to plants. 

20. Wallet

They say that giving a wallet as a gift attracts money! So, the tip is to carefully choose this object to bring much success and happiness to your dear breast!

21. Purse

Does she love to parade with different bags every week? Or are you carrying your belongings in your hand? So, it's time to give your mom a little purse! Choose a model that is her style and leave a message hidden in the background.

22. Planner

This suggestion is for mothers who are organized (or who want to be)! Every day is a new day to plan and organize the routine.

23. Ikebana kit

Does your mother like to ride or is she interested in floral arrangements? Then, give an Ikebana kit with vases, branches, sponge, and scissors suitable for this action. It is a true art of nature!

24. Books

Reading is a way of transporting our minds to unimaginable places. Find out who your mother's favorite authors are and order a book. You can suggest a new reading or buy a special edition of her favorite work!

25. Air humidifier

In dry times, the air humidifier helps to maintain humidity and makes us more comfortable to breathe. If your mother is older or suffers from breathing problems, this gift will help her, a lot!

26. Picture frame

Those who spend a lot of time away from their families know how a frame or photo frame helps to make them miss their homesickness. Choose your favorite photo with it and put it in a pretty frame!

27. Framed painting

Framed comics are a trend of decoration and have very creative arts. You can buy more than one piece and let your mother play with the compositions in the environment. 

28. Creative T-shirts

Do you have a more modern and creative mom? Make a custom t-shirt for her or buy one with very different illustrations. It will be a unique piece in her wardrobe and you will even be able to match it!

29. Luminaires with letters

To decorate rooms and make your mother remember your beloved daughter, what do you think of giving her a luminous letter? You can do it yourself at home and add your finishing touch. 

30. Pajamas or slippers


Is there anything better than staying at home in pajamas and wearing really cute slippers? Give that pleasure to your mother! In addition, you can ask her to watch a series and eat popcorn in the living room. It is an irresistible invitation!

Did you like it? Now, just choose the special Mother's Day gift that suits you best and make beautiful packaging.