Must Haves for Summer 2022! Three Organic Products to Stop Sweat in Its Tracks


Must Haves for Summer 2022! Three Organic Products to Stop Sweat in Its Tracks.

The best time to apply deodorant is before you head out, after you shower and before you sleep.  Your sweat glands secrete less at night, making it easier for deodorant to stay on your skin and balance out the microbes on your underarms. Keep in mind not to use deodorant if your skin is damaged, inflamed or if you’ve just waxed or shaved. Any of these circumstances can easily trigger an unpleasant reaction. Also, deodorant isn’t something like sunscreen that you have to keep reapplying. Just use enough to stop perspiration and you’re good.

It’s important to choose a deodorant without aluminum salt or alcohol. We have also heard that many kinds of deodorant an easily trigger allergic reactions because they contain artificial fragrances and preservatives. Moreover, antiperspirants that contain aluminum salts clog sweat glands. In addition, they and can cause breast cancer and brain disease because you apply antiperspirants near your lymph nodes and breasts. After factoring in health, more and more people are choosing deodorants without aluminum salt or alcohol. Serendipity House has got you covered. Below are three additive-free organic deodorants that don’t have chemicals like aluminum salt or silicon. Our deodorants smell amazing because they use essential oils from plant extracts, which leave your skin feeling crisp and fresh even on the hottest of summer days. 


Protecting Mom’s and their Babies – Earth Mama Bright Citrus Deodorant

Due to hormonal changes, many new moms say they are miffed that they start smelling different in a bad way after having a baby. Moms need to be careful when choosing a deodorant because their underarms are close to their breasts. They definitely don’t want to take in chemicals that might harm their newborn’s health. Earth Mama, a baby company from America, makes sure all of their products receive Environmental Working Group organic certification, and are especially designed for pregnant women, moms that are breastfeeding and people with sensitive skin. This deodorant leaves you smelling fantastic because its all-natural ingredients that come from organic grapefruit, orange, and calendula, remove odor from your underarms and the rest of your body. Earth Mama Bright Citrus Deodorant has passed dermatologist verification and clinical trials. Now, expecting moms can stay focused on what matters most, and rest assured that their deodorant is 100% safe.

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One-of-a-kind Floral Essential Oil- EO Essential Oils Rose and Lemon Deodorant Spray

When buying deodorant, you need to pay attention to the ingredients to see if they use chemical scents or natural essence. We hear that some deodorants release toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and chlorine. These can irritate your trachea, harm your skin, and can even cause cancer if your body takes in enough of these toxins over the long-term. EO essential Oils, an American company with over 30 years of history, has been committed to making products good for your health and skin by always using essence from all-natural plant extracts. This deodorant spray is their hallmark product and the founder’s favorite. After being launched, it became popular with professional women everywhere. It perfectly combines the floral essence of rose with the fruity fragrance of lemons. Each bottle uses the essential oil from 60 rose petals, giving you a scent that’s elegant and understated. With EO Essential Oils Rose and Lemon Deodorant Spray, enjoy the simple pleasure of being in the company of fresh-cut flowers every day of the week. 

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Gentle on Sensitive Skin—Green Beaver Natural Citrus Deodorant Spray

If you’re in the know about organic products, then you’ve probably heard about Canadian company Green Beaver. This famous brand stands by the principles of sustainability and increasing awareness about health and wellness. For over 20 years, Green Beaver has been keeping families around the world safe by making natural healthcare products for people of all ages. Their products have received Eco Cert organic certification, are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and completely biodegradable and recyclable. This deodorant spray doesn’t have chemicals such as alcohol, aluminum, ethanol, paraben, and synthetic fragrance. With natural ingredients like aloe, sage, orange peel, and chamomile, this product takes away nasty odor and gives off the fresh aroma of an herb garden, which both men and women love. Feel fresh and crisp the entire day. Before heading out, make sure to give your pits a spritz of Green Beaver Natural Citrus.

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