Natural and Tear-Free Hair Care for Kids

Every mother is worried and full of doubts about the health and well-being of her children, isn't it? Choosing shampoo and conditioner for children is among the indecisions when selecting hygiene items for the little ones.


In fact, all this apprehension is not for nothing. This is because children's skin and hair are more sensitive than those of adults, and inappropriate products can leave the strands dry, lifeless, in addition to causing allergies. By this, all caution is little!


To help you with this dilemma, we have separated some tips on how to choose the ideal cosmetics to ensure clean and silky strands. Check out!


Pay attention to the child's hair type

As with adults, the hair characteristics of children can also vary between normal, dry, oily, straight, wavy, curly, etc. Each type of yarn requires a different treatment. If you choose shampoos and conditioners that are incompatible with your child's hair structure, the result will be the opposite of what you expected.


Curly hair, for example, is generally drier. This happens because the natural oiliness of the root has difficulties reaching the ends, because of the twists that the thread makes.


Therefore, products for this type of hair tend to contain more oily ingredients to give suppleness, hydration, definition, and shine to curly hair. When using this same product on children with straight and oily hair, instead of gaining shine, the hair may look dirty.

Beware of unnecessary tears

You, Mom, know very well how difficult it is to make the child keep their eyes closed when washing their hair. Thus, it is important to choose products that will not cause a nuisance if a little foam falls in the region.


Whenever a substance other than the pH of tears gets into the eyes, irritation occurs in the area and therefore they start to burn. Therefore, for this not to happen, the products need to have the same pH as the tear — between 7 and 7.4.


Generally, children's shampoo and conditioner will not make your child cry. However, it costs nothing to check if you have this information on the package.


Keep an eye on the composition of the products

There are some substances used in the cosmetics industry that is responsible for giving creaminess and shine to the product, and also allow the fragrances to fix better in the hair. However, some of these chemical agents are harmful to health, especially to children. This is the case with phthalate.

A  survey found that chemical ingredients, such as phthalate, in shampoo formulas and infant conditioners can hinder the mental development of children. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on the labels.

Generally, phthalate is listed in the composition of products as:

  • phthalates;
  • Dibutyl phthalate;
  • Dimethyl phthalate;
  • Diethyl phthalate.

The nomenclatures in Portuguese may also appear:

  • dibutyl;
  • dicyclohexyl;
  • di-2-ethylhexyl;
  • diethyl;
  • diisodecyl;
  • dioctyl;
  • butyl;
  • benzyl.

However, phthalate is not the only element that should be avoided. Alcohol, for example, is a harmless substance for adults, but it can cause dryness, irritation, and allergies to the baby's scalp. Artificial colorings and flavorings also cause similar discomfort and may even favor the appearance of dermatitis in children.

And there are also sulfates, which serve to release dirt from the region. However, as a child's hair is thinner, very strong products are not needed to do this job. Therefore, prefer shampoos without sulfate: they make less foam, but sanitize in the right measure.

Also avoid petrolatum, paraben, paraffin, silicone, and mineral oil. So, the idea is to opt for milder formulas and with the maximum amount of natural ingredients.

Know that children's shampoo and conditioner need to go together

There are 2 in 1 products, which are shampoo and conditioner at the same time, and also liquid soaps from head to toe. Although these products are efficient to leave the baby's hair clean and smelling, it is not the best option to treat the hair.

After all, shampoo and conditioner have different functions, and neither is expendable. If you only use shampoo, for example, your hair can be spiky and dry-looking.

Make bath time more fun

It is very common for little ones to take toys to the bathroom to make the moment more fun. Thematic shampoos and conditioners are great allies to make the activity more pleasurable and even attract children who are not very fond of bathing.

To include the playful element when cleaning, there are several products with children's characters stamped on the packaging and in different formats, which stimulate the children's imagination, such as superheroes, animals, cars, and dolls.

However, don't just get attached to the look of the bottles. After all, it is essential to also pay attention to the above tips to ensure the safety of the game and, of course, make your children's hair beautiful and healthy.

In addition, remember that as the shampoo is responsible for cleaning and the conditioner to replenish the essential oils to restore the emollience of the strands, it is better if they are from the same brand, as they have complementary actives.

Some manufacturers also have moisturizing and styling creams in their children's line. If your child's hair is difficult to untangle, you can use these products to soften the strands.


Choose Products aimed at children

No use of the adult products on children. Pediatricians recommend that children use specific hygiene items up to 12 years. In fact, many shampoos and conditioners come with an age group indication on the package. So choose the right product for your child's age.

In general, baby lines use natural milder ingredients that do not harm the sensitive skin of babies and children. 

Choosing shampoo and conditioner for children is no secret: just opt ​​for specific products for children, according to the type of hair and, of course, that do not sting the eyes and do not contain ingredients that put the child's health at risk. By taking all these cares, you will ensure beautiful, soft, and healthy hair.

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