Quality Of Life At Home: The Importance Of Living In A Pleasant Environment!

Have you ever heard someone say how our home is our temple? But at the same time, who doesn't know someone who lives in an upscale apartment and still doesn't feel comfortable at home? It turns out that the quality of life at home has a lot more to consider than the property itself.


This explains the increasing number of people moving from large urban centers to horizontal condominiums located in areas of urban expansion  — quieter, but no less prepared to offer the facilities they had in the old addresses.


After all, after a busy day like most people can have, all you want is to go to a warm and comfortable environment, our home. So, imagine how negative it would be if, instead of feeling this comfort, we found a messy environment, which does not take advantage of spaces and only generates more frustration.


For that reason, in this article, we'll explain to you what makes a pleasant environment and how important it is for the physical and emotional well-being of adults and children. Check out!

How does living style influence the quality of life at home?

The quality of life is linked to the ability that one has to balance the different roles in society, giving priority to what you think is more important.


At the same time, it's about the chance to enjoy small daily pleasures — not just on special occasions or while on vacation. That's where the style of living makes all the difference!


Living in an environment that allows for relaxing activities, for example, helps focus attention on the present moment, fighting anxiety and bringing more pleasure to everyday life.

What factors contribute to improving the feeling of well-being in a property?

In order to have a better quality of life at home, increasing the feeling of well-being, a series of elements must work in harmony. Check out each one of them!


Optimally used spaces

Life outside can be chaos, but at home, ideally, it gives a feeling of cleanliness, organization, and practicality. For this, it is very important that you do not accumulate services. The ''dirty, clean, mess, tidy'' rule that our parents could use should be put to good use here.


After all, nobody deserves to come home after a tiring day and find dirty dishes and clothes all over the house, right? So, make a list with all the tasks that must be performed, from documents, books, clothes, cleaning materials, etc. This allows you to better visualize how to place orders in your home.


Adopting organizer boxes, in which you can store everything you need and separately, is an interesting attitude. Another advantage is that they can also add an extra touch to the decor.


For the boxes to have better functionality, you can tag them. This rule also applies to food pots in the kitchen. Use this tip and see how your quality of life at home will increase: you will have more time to enjoy your day and rest more.

Safe and cozy environment

Safety and warmth have never been so complementary. After all, without the first one, it's impossible to relax.


This explains why the high investment in security technologies made by condominiums is worth it. The nice thing is that it is possible to keep the house safe without affecting the aesthetics of the project.


Then, just choose a very comfortable piece of furniture to compose the decoration of the spaces. But, no excesses: it is important to highlight that good light and natural ventilation increase the healthiness of the rooms, providing greater well-being to residents.


If you value how to bring good energy into the home, you can also adopt Feng Shui decoration, which is the oldest Chinese art, and adopt organizational criteria to improve the energy of an environment and still make the space more functional. So, get to know some tips about the technique:


  • get rid of broken objects: this kind of thing ends up blocking the flow of energy and helps the bad to spread faster;
  • bet on incense: the aroma of this type of product perfumes your home and leaves it protected against bad energy;
  • adopt more  plants: the greener there is inside a house, the more residents can breathe better, in addition to giving a greater sense of coziness;
  • use mirrors: in Feng Shui, mirrors are elements that bring good energy and also contribute to clearing the mind.


Sustainability in everyday life

Condominiums that promote sustainability bring more savings to residents and, at the same time, reduce the impact generated by the project on the environment, helping to preserve natural resources for future generations.


This can be done through the selective collection, the use of LED lamps,  automated irrigation, the reuse of rainwater, and the use of solar energy as an alternative to the hydroelectric matrix, among other examples.


Wide network of commerce and services

The proximity to supermarkets, pharmacies, and stores in various segments, as well as daycare centers, schools, hospitals, gas stations, banks, among other establishments in the vicinity of the development, facilitates the daily lives of residents.


This is because it avoids traveling over long distances when essential products or services are needed, minimizing exposure to stressful situations.


Structures for the practice of physical activities

They are so complete, there are condos that look more like top-tier clubs. With this, people of different age groups can include physical activities in their routine — an essential habit for the maintenance of the quality of life.


In addition to swimming pools for adults and children, there are multi-sport courts, running tracks, spaces for meditation and gyms, even focusing on specific modalities, such as CrossFit studios, among other options.


Closer contact with nature

Contact with green is capable of transforming the way we deal with obligations in the midst of the daily rush.


That's because it reminds us that we are part of something much bigger and that each thing has its time — quite different from what happens in places filled with buildings, traffic, and pollution.


To establish this connection with nature, it is possible to cultivate a small vegetable garden at home,  to walk through the green areas in the common areas of the condominium, or, if you live near the beach, to exercise by the sea.


The important thing is to practice outdoor activities and slow down. This helps you sleep well, wards off anxiety, and prevents the onset of chronic illnesses such as heart attacks.


Leisure options that favor social interaction

Social life contributes to a healthy life. Inside the house, some environments should be planned to contemplate moments with family and close friends, such as a  gourmet area, a  movie theater, or even a  lounge.


When the intention is to receive a larger number of guests — such as for the celebration of children's birthdays — having a party room available in the condominium makes all the difference and also eliminates the need to rent a buffet.


In everyday life,  social interaction between neighbors is encouraged by the dynamics of the enterprise.


For example, while children interact on the playground, older ones can take advantage of the game room to chat and relax. And there's more: with the popularization of pet spaces, even pets are guaranteed a place to hang out!


The structure that allows pets to walk

He spoke about the quality of life at home, many people already associate this with sharing good times at home with those they love, which often includes keeping pets around.


However, just as you would think about preparing the house for a baby or toddler, animals deserve this preparation too. That's because, in addition to not wanting your chairs scratched and finding your carpet dirty with pee, the pets need to have a proper structure that allows them to walk around the house.


So, how about making adapted passages at the doors so that they can move around with greater ease, without you having to open the way whenever necessary? In addition, it is essential that you set aside a special area for the pet to rest, eat and take care of. All this so that both your routine and his do not become a mess.


And even if your home is as comfortable as possible for him, don't forget that dogs need, and a lot walks outside the home. That way, when you come back, you can feel the benefits of having these animals at home: a happier environment, less stress, less loneliness, family unity, a sense of responsibility, etc.

Easy alternatives to enjoy the weekend with the family

The weekend arrives and we can divide people into those who prefer to go out and those who choose to stay at home. Regardless of the profile you have, there comes a time in life when choosing to stay at home will not only be a matter of necessity but of preference, especially if you know how to structure it to carry out different activities.


For example, marathoning a series and watching some movies on television can be a very pleasurable activity to do as a family. So, if yours is big, you need to secure enough seats for everyone. Also, think about very dark curtains so that the incidence of sunlight through the windows does not interfere with the view of the television.


It's also worth dedicating some areas especially to play with your family, how about that? Choose the space and always leave some fun options close by, such as board games, questions, and answers, cards, etc. All of this is essential for the home to encourage healthy coexistence among residents.


If you and your family prefer outdoor times, it's still possible to have it all at home, with a garden or backyard. Thus, depending on the size of these spaces, it may be possible to ride a bicycle, play jump rope, hide and seek, and whatever else creativity allows.


How does living in a horizontal condominium help in this process?

Life is made of choices and, certainly, finding your dream property is one of the most important. After all, the home should be a refuge where people can recharge their batteries to face the day-to-day with much more disposition.


In this sense, those who choose to live in a horizontal condominium make the best option, as they can enjoy the safety and facilities of closed residential buildings and, at the same time,  live in personalized houses, built side by side — not in small, standardized apartments. Do you want to know more advantages of this type of housing? Check out!


Full-time security

This type of condominium has access control for visitors to the site upon the resident's approval. All this surveillance takes place with the help of surveillance cameras and qualified professionals for the function.


Increased quality of life

As mentioned, the rush of everyday life makes most people always come home tired and worn out. Well, what if you had easy availability of spaces for leisure, comfort, safety, and even good coexistence with the community?


All these are facilities existing in horizontal condominiums that make the daily lives of residents more comfortable and guarantee moments of peace with the family when they are at home. After all, we work precisely to be able to invest in these moments, right?


In this article, we show how the quality of life at home is, directly and indirectly, influenced by the conditions of the environment, as it has as much to do with the physical infrastructure of the enterprise — which makes it possible to exercise, take the dog for a walk, etc. —, as well as with the psychological issue, as it allows parents to relax knowing that their children are having fun close by and in safety.