Say YES to Natural Hair Care Products

Natural hair products are increasingly in demand, and this is due to the multiple benefits that this type of cosmetic offers us. The difficult thing will be to identify which products really meet the minimum requirements to be 100% natural products.

Differences between natural and commercial hair products

We see it every day, more and more people are betting on natural cosmetics when it comes to pampering their body in a healthy and safe way. Fortunately, we are more aware of the products we use and their ingredients. A topic that obviously includes hair, where we are looking for shampoos, conditioners, and other items made from nature that are capable of providing hair health.


Although many people think that all these types of treatments are a trend, the truth is that they are an inner need. Using natural hair products is not just a matter of grooming our hair, but of providing it with shine, softness, strength, and even solutions to skin problems.


On the other hand, commercial products, despite being effective, contain chemical compounds that damage your hair. Just turn the packaging of these articles and read. By doing a little research you will discover that their ingredients can cause problems of dryness, irritation, dandruff... It's time to start a healthy lifestyle!


Below, We will tell you why you should say yes to natural hair care cosmetics.

  • We contribute to improving the environment since biodegradable and natural products do not pollute our natural surroundings.
  • Their use is safer; there is no need to worry about possible adverse reactions. These types of products are the best option for pregnant women, hypoallergenic people, or people with very sensitive skin.
  • It adds value to our hair. When you weigh the pros and cons of using organic cosmetic products or not, one realizes that using them adds more value.
  • It assures us of healthier hair. The more you use natural products to care for your hair, the healthier your hair will be.
  • It improves the general state of health. By using natural products, excess chemicals are eliminated.
  • They prevent your hair from falling out and drying out. Natural herbal extracts contain substances that combat hair loss and problems such as dryness. And because they are free of silicones and other aggressive substances, they can be used more safely and with less risk.
  • They fight dandruff. Antimicrobial plant compounds and essential oils are effective against dandruff. Together with this, and thanks to their properties, they cleanse the scalp and regulate its pH.
  • They can also be good for controlling excess oil.
  • Their antioxidant components stimulate cell and hair follicle activity. In addition, they do not contain sulfates, toxins, or other agents harmful to the hair.


Problems finding natural hair products

Unfortunately, at present, natural hair products are not regulated to the same extent as organic food or organic clothing, for example. Therefore, it can be difficult to find organic hair products that really are, such as shampoos, dyes, or hair waxes. Sometimes, just because a product contains a single organic ingredient, brands will call it that and it may not actually be organic. Before making a decision, there are some ingredients that can be read on the packaging that may indicate that the product, despite being called natural, is actually a product made with chemical ingredients.


Some chemicals present in hair products in a conventional way have no place in natural hair products. Some of them are:


Sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, parabens, petrochemicals, solvents, and silicones.


So from now on if you want to use natural hair products, make sure they do not include these ingredients. We bring you the natural hair care products you need.