Scalp Massage to Stimulate Hair Growth

Massaging the scalp is a good way to stimulate hair growth since the movements of fingers and fingertips keep the blood circulation active. And if the latter works, the growth phase of the hair (anagen) becomes longer, reducing the risks of falling and effluvium.

How to do a scalp massage

The real beneficial massage is practiced on dry hair and scalp. Better to avoid massaging the skin after shampooing because damp hair is more sensitive to stress and trauma. The right steps? Start by placing the fingertips of both hands on top of the head. Make small, close pressures with all 10 fingers, moving them from the forehead to the nape.

Continue massaging the scalp by concentrating onthe hair roots of the forehead and temples. The movements must be circular. At this point, gently press the right and left sides of the head with the palms of the hands, then back and forth. In this way, you promote skin elasticity and blood circulation, essential conditions for healthy skin.

With the back of the fingers pressed to the temples, perform light movements from top to bottom and vice versa, trying to "move" the scalp, as if you wanted to unstick it.

The movements of the scalp massage must be delicate: the fingers must be pushed through the hair with firm but light pressures. It is always good to proceed slowly rather than vigorously: too strong a pressure would attack the skin. How to orient yourself, then? Count up to 20 for each press.

Is massage useful against hair loss?

The scalp massage can be useful against falling, as it can stimulate the follicles in the resting state to resume their activity and produce new hair. This practice can, therefore, favor the regrowth of those new hairs which, for physiological reasons, would sometimes be slow to grow back on their own. In other words, in addition to the beneficial and relaxing effect, scalp massages can stimulate regrowth.

Benefits of a scalp massage

In summary, the main benefits that scalp massages bring to hair health are:

  • Strengthen the hair by reactivating the circulation of blood and lymphatic vessels
  • Lubricate the dry skin of the hair by stimulating the production of sebum
  • Give shine and vitality to the hair
  • Stimulate hair regrowth
  • Delay the onset of white hair
  • Fight dandruff
  • Prevent folliculitis
  • Relax the cranial muscles bringing relief to the scalp

Do your scalp massage using the right product

One combination that works great is to use exfoliating hair products for this scalp massage. This reduces the accumulation of waste such as pollution and dust. The result? Shiny and clean hair longer. Formulas without silicone but natural ingredients, such as green tea and menthol, also help to invigorate the area creating a delicious feeling of freshness.

Using anti-hair loss serum will give the desired result without any side effects as it is made of all-natural ingredients.

Special shampoos for stronger and thicker hair

You can facilitate hair growth starting with shampoo which has premium natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth. For example, using a shampoo that contains the ginger root, rose flower water and aloe vera. This combination helps stimulate the generation of keratin in the hair root. Keratins are the main proteins that make up hair.

However, as we age, we tend to produce less and less. Some shampoos cover the individual hair with a support coating that contains a complex of collagen and other ingredients. This film protects and supports every single hair making it immediately stronger and thicker.