Sensitive Skin: What It Is, What The Symptoms Are And How To Care

Do you have sensitive skin? This condition can appear on all skin types, causing discomfort in the region. Among the main symptoms are red spots on the face and neck, tightness, itching, and the formation of small wounds. But don't worry, it has treatment!


A good way to keep your skin always beautiful and lush is betting on basic daily care, such as cleaning, hydration, and protection. When the skin is very sensitive, this routine gains even more importance, especially in cold seasons, specific stages of pregnancy, and after cosmetic procedures.


But how do I know if my skin is sensitive? Keep following Serendipity House Limited and discover all the signs that your skin gives when you have this condition. Here, you will also find incredible treatment tips, the main characteristics of sensitive skin, and much more. Come on?


What is sensitive skin?

Skin with this condition is a diagnosis that can appear from childhood to old age. In general, the skin gains this aspect when its lipid barrier is attacked, causing irritations and infections.


In addition, it is unpredictable, which means that it may have red spots, burning, twitching and even small wounds, when the cases are more serious.


According to dermatologists, it is common for dry skin to have a greater tendency to sensitivity, but this condition can appear on all skin types, including oily ones.

In this case, the sensitivity arises due to the treatment against acne or other conditions, mainly with the use of acids, which ends up leaving the skin dry and fragile.


To find out if your skin is sensitive or not, check if it has the following characteristics:

  • Irritation;
  • Burning;
  • Tugging;
  • Itching in the irritated area;
  • Red spots;
  • Formation of wounds.

Did you notice that your face has more than one of these symptoms? It is recommended to seek the help of a dermatologist. He will examine the particularities of your skin, indicating treatment with products for sensitive skin.

What makes skin sensitive?

You have probably heard about the skin's skin barrier, haven't you? Here, we have already talked about this subject a few times. But just to recap: it is a factor that helps our skin to hold water, having an important function in preserving hydration.

When this barrier is weakened, its ability to protect against external agents, such as pollution, is weakened. As a consequence, the skin is more exposed, which can aggravate sensitivity and discomfort.


But not only that! There is a second defense that should not be overlooked: the microbiome, a set of microorganisms that inhabits some regions of the body. It is responsible for the formation of a natural ecosystem that is on the surface of the skin and can also be unbalanced by external aggressors.



Have you noticed that our skin ends up suffering more in winter? This happens because of the drop in humidity in the air plus the decrease in water consumption, which is very common at this time of the year. The result is much more sensitive and damaged skin during this season.

A good tip for having beautiful skin on cold days is to keep the skincare routine and leave a bottle of water close by. For this, it is worth betting on a good moisturizer for sensitive skin, as it will help in replacing the water in the skin barrier.


Pregnancy is a time that brings many changes in the woman's body and skin, and this is due to hormonal changes. As this hormonal process makes the skin of pregnant women much more sensitive, it is always good to have organic cosmetics, such as Serendipity House Limited products.

It is worth remembering that women who already have conditions, such as dermatitis, an inflammation that can cause itching, redness, and flaking, need even more care. To prevent this condition from getting worse, it is worth keeping an eye on the signs your skin gives.


How to treat sensitive skin?

Did the product you are using cause discomfort or burning? The best thing to do is to discontinue use and bet on options with light formulas. Fragrance-free cosmetics and toxic ingredients are great for sensitive skincare.

To do the cleaning, it is worth investing in the soap for sensitive skin. Thus, you can remove impurities with smoothness. Other essential products are moisturizers. Perfect to replenish the skin barrier, they leave the skin well-nourished and reduce irritation.

Our Tea Tree Balancing Facial Oil with Squalaneit is an excellent alternative to give a boost in the nutrition of the skin. With it, it is possible to calm the appearance of acne and irritations, promoting a more balanced appearance to sensitive skin.

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