Spring Toothpaste Recommendations

With a huge variety of toothpaste on the market, it's hard to choose which one is best for you, right? With activated carbon, whitening, children's, plaque control... Each one has its differential and specific properties to transform your smile, and it is important to know how each one acts on your teeth. 


The recommendation of a dentist is very important in some cases, such as those who suffer from tooth sensitivity or gingivitis. But thinking of making life easier for patients who want to understand a little more about the subject, Serendipity House Limited has prepared a special article for you to understand the differences between the various types of toothpaste, the application process, and their importance in taking care of your smile.


1. The importance of toothpaste in cleaning your teeth

A totally indispensable item when it comes to taking care of your smile is toothpaste, which, together with an appropriate toothbrush, helps to clean your teeth. Working together, it promotes the removal of residues and also eliminates the accumulation of bacterial plaque that adheres to the tooth surface. This product has chemical components that are functional against plaque formation, stains, as well as an effective fluoride carrier agent for our teeth.


2. The different types of toothpaste

Even though all kinds of toothpaste have the same goal of cleaning your teeth, understanding which is the right product for your smile makes all the difference in this process - and, of course, this must be indicated by a specialist, so don't forget to make an appointment first, okay? Check out the different types of toothpaste on the market and how they meet the oral needs of each patient.



This is the ideal type of toothpaste for those who suffer from tooth sensitivity since toothpaste has tin fluoride (SnF2) in its formula. The compound is responsible for blocking the channels connected to the tooth nerves, which prevents food from causing the discomfort typical of sensitive teeth. The effectiveness of the element is undeniable and proven by several studies, and, in addition to fighting sensitivity itself, this toothpaste also combats a number of oral problems, such as caries.

If the patient does not suffer from sensitivity but likes to take precautions, there is also toothpaste that is suitable for preventing the appearance of sensitive teeth with fluoride compound and Active Clean crystals. In this case, Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste would be a great option.


Toothpaste with activated carbon, which promises a much whiter and healthier smile. Their formula is composed of a mixture of the active mineral complex with natural charcoal, the right ingredients to whiten and purify the teeth in a delicate way. But it is worth remembering that it is important to check if the component in question is safe and if it has really been tested and approved by specialists. This way you avoid confusion and, on top of that, you have the guarantee that it will not harm your oral health.



Different from other toothpaste, this option is specified for gum protection, helping to eliminate the plaque that accumulates in the region and, consequently, the countless bacteria responsible for the inflammation that causes gingivitis. Despite being a relatively common oral problem, gingivitis is a great enemy of our smile and can evolve into periodontitis, and even more serious disease that, when neglected, can lead to tooth loss. For this, there are the kinds of toothpaste that protect the gums, taking these problems far away.



The famous "whitening action" means exactly what many people are looking for: a bright smile. This is because this type of whitening toothpaste provides even whiter teeth, as it can remove up to 90% of the surface stains without damaging the tooth enamel, and is a great way to complement tooth whitening. In addition, it also acts in favor of a healthier oral universe and fights problems such as caries and plaque, also bringing a feeling of freshness.



Bad breath is a very unpleasant problem that is accompanied by several annoying situations. But did you know that there is specific toothpaste for this? They are able to bring a refreshing sensation up to 5 times longer-lasting, fighting halitosis and removing all bad smells from your mouth. In addition, to achieve an even better effect, it is advisable to use mouth rinses right afterward. Refreshing breath is a sure thing!



As the name implies, this toothpaste is ideal when it comes to treating your teeth with a deep clean. Although it does not replace the use of other essential tools such as flossing, this toothpaste has a foolproof system when it comes to hygiene: It helps to eliminate all the bacteria in your mouth - even the ones that try to hide - and leaves your cavity much healthier.

3. How should a toothpaste be used?

Many people believe that for oral hygiene to be really efficient, a large amount of toothpaste is needed, but this is wrong. In fact, the excess foam can end up hindering the process of cleaning the teeth instead of helping. This happens because, with an excess of toothpaste, the patient has the false sensation that the teeth are completely clean, and with this, the time indicated for brushing is reduced - and it should last at least 2 minutes. That is why most experts recommend that the amount of toothpaste applied to the toothbrushes should be about the size of a pea. For children, the amount is even smaller, about the size of a grain of rice. Of course, a flavor would great like Kids Only Toothpaste Strawberry.

4. Curiosities about toothpaste

Now that you know the importance of this product and how it should be used for oral hygiene, how about diving into some facts about this product that almost nobody talks about? After all, the more information the better! So keep an eye out for 5 facts about toothpaste that you probably never thought about.


You already know that there are countless toothpaste brands, but regardless of your needs, the presence of fluoride in the product's composition is essential. It is one of the main ingredients that guarantee that your smile stays away from problems, hindering the proliferation of bacteria in the oral cavity and reducing the chances of caries in the area. However, it is important to point out that the excess of fluoride in the organism of children and babies can be harmful, and, therefore, the whole process must be accompanied by a pediatric dentist.


Toothpastes with "whitening action" are great when it comes to improving the appearance of the teeth and removing a good part of the stains that appear on the patient's smile. But if the teeth are very yellowed or really need a more rigorous procedure, it is recommended that the patient should see a specialist evaluate the need for a treatment such as teeth whitening. The procedure can be performed at the doctor's office or at home - always with the guidance of a professional - and whitening toothpastes are great to complement the technique, ensuring a surprising effect.



Have you ever stopped to think about how toothpaste can bring so many benefits to your smile? This is all thanks to the ingredients that are part of their composition! To begin with, two agents are responsible for "cleaning" the teeth: the abrasives and the actives. The first group acts mechanically on the teeth, while the second reacts with the bacteria present in the mouth, eliminating them. In addition, other components that are part of toothpaste are solvents, humectants, and binders to give the final consistency of the product, surfactants to create that foam that the paste makes during brushing, and flavoring and dyes, giving color and flavor to the product.


There is nothing like that fresh breath sensation that mouthwash can bring. You will talk to anyone without worrying about any kind of bad odor coming out of your mouth. This is only possible through proper oral hygiene. For this, you need to rely on the toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss for this mission, which are indispensable items. However, many people have doubts about the use of mouthwash. Is it really necessary? Smilesology came to explain better about this subject.



It's no use investing in good quality products that can be great for your smile if you don't brush correctly, right? Therefore, if you really want to have beautiful teeth, it is essential to take care of your oral health, especially when it comes to hygiene. The best way to achieve efficient brushing is to divide your mouth into four "parts" (upper right and left, lower right and left) and brush each of them for at least 30 seconds. Haste is the enemy of perfection, so you don't need to do everything in a hurry, ok? With back and forth movements and without exaggerating the force, this is the most effective way to clean all the teeth. Also, don't forget to floss and finish with mouthwash!



Rinsing here, then there, and that's it! The sensation of freshness and good taste in the mouth is the result of using mouth rinsing after a good brushing. But don't think that rinsing is limited to these sensations only. You may not realize it, but the product also acts by dissolving the bacterial plaque, preventing some diseases, and removing the bacteria that still insist on remaining in the mouth, even after brushing the teeth. In this way, the liquid is able to complete the effectiveness of oral cleaning.


Most people have doubts about whether or not to use mouthwash. As it was highlighted above, the item is a great helper for hygiene. However, there are patients who use mouthwash incorrectly. It is important to pay attention to the ideal amount of liquid, and the use must be indicated by your dentist. When buying mouth rinses, opt for products that do not contain alcohol. It is worth pointing out that the liquid is indicated, mainly, for patients with sensitivity, caries, dental prosthesis, periodontal diseases, and post-surgery, for example. Also, be sure to talk to your dentist and ask him or her any questions you may have.



Do you know those busy days? You're in a rush, with several things to do and fighting against time. For this reason, you end up leaving some important tasks in second places, such as your oral hygiene. To give yourself a quick cleaning, you resort only to mouthwash. However, this behavior is not recommended. Each cleaning item is irreplaceable. So, together, the toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash remove all the dirt from your mouth and protect your teeth.


With this in mind, the Power Smile Mouthwash and Oral Care Mouthwash can be an assistant in the mission of making your oral hygiene complete. The item aims to help eliminate millions of bacteria and has no alcohol in its composition, leaving you with no burning sensation when you rinse your mouth. It also helps to prevent and reduce the bacteria that cause plaque and some diseases, such as gingivitis. And to top it off, the mouthwash also fights bad breath.