Start Building Your Best Skin Care Regimen

Keeping the skin beautiful requires a lot of care, from deep cleansing to good hydration. However it is often not possible to go to specialized aesthetics often, so the idea is to create a care routine that you can keep at home, to leave your skin beautiful and healthy for a long time. Check out some simple tips and practices for you to incorporate into your daily life quickly!

1. Clean your skin well

Although simple this tip is extremely important. Due to the lack of time, we ended up not paying due attention to the deep cleaning of the skin. For women, it is essential to use makeup removers for removing cosmetics. In addition, it is recommended to use mild and refreshing cleaning products to remove all oil and dirt, removing later with warm water and a face towel.

2. Use tonics

Tonics are not used often by most people, however you need to start putting them in your daily life. These products manage to balance the pH of your skin, thus taking care of your skin. Allied to this they also prepare you for moisturizers, sunscreen, makeup, etc.

3. Apply creams, moisturizers, and oils

The application of creams is essential to not leave your skin dry. The eye region needs this type of product, being ideal to use them at the bottom to avoid dark circles and wrinkles.

The moisturizer helps replenish some skin nutrients, however you need to choose the one that best suits your needs: in the case of oily skin, the gel-cream is perfect, since if you have drier skin, moisturizing creams are the best.

Serums are important to address specific problems, from the skin with acne to dehydration, so you can select them from what you need most. Already oils are applied to the end of your care, it is good that you start with water-based products and gradually go to the heavier ones.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

Everyone knows that the sun directly influences aging and skin damage, and can even cause more serious and irreversible diseases. For this reason, it is essential that you protect yourself from the sun, avoiding being exposed for a long time in these places. The sunscreen should be your best friend, being with you at all times in both winter and summer!

5. Invest in other products

There are other products that help a lot in the preservation and improvement of the skin. Anti-acne products are interesting options for people who are facing this type of problem, today you can find everything from exfoliating soaps to drying gel. Facial masks must be taken into account for the variety of treatments they have, helping both in the control of brightness and in the removal of blackheads.


You can also bet on anti-aging treatment that has the ability to inhibit collagen degradation, conserving your skin much more. However, they are suitable for people over 25 years old.


All of these tips will help in your quality of life, leaving your skin healthier! Now that you know how to take care of yourself at home, in your daily life, take the opportunity to stay on top of the products and offers in the  Serendipity House Limited beauty care category.