The Right Shampoo for Every Type of Hair

Using a shampoo appropriate for your hair type will help you to have healthy and silky hair instead of naughty and lifeless ones. We will help you choose a shampoo according to your hair type.

Choosing the best shampoo for your hair type is not easy at all, given the huge amount of care products the choices are endless. You should take into account individual differences in the structure of the hair, moisture content, activity of sebum production. The task is to select the right shampoo for a particular type of hair. We have a wide range of shampoo collection for different types of hair. Each shampoo will benefit the type for which it is created.

How to choose the best shampoo for yourself? Important criteria

Although bright packaging primarily attracts our attention, the most important criteria are the ingredients, their concentration, and composition. The best shampoo for you should contain the ingredients necessary for your hair type. If you know your hair type and their needs, making a choice is easy!

Shampoo for fine hair

As a rule, thin hair does not have the proper volume, splendor, they are soft and lethargic.It is common that blond hair is always thin.

The right shampoo for thin hair: a means to increase the volume contains components that improve the structure, for example, proteins and polymers. These ingredients restore hair and make it stronger. Natulique Volume Hair Wash gives them fullness. The conditioning ingredients of shampoo for thin hair should not make them heavier.

Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

As a rule, dry and damaged hair resembles straw and has split ends. Throughout the year, they remain rough and scattered.

The right shampoo for dry and damaged hair: additional hydration effectively helps damaged hair. Moisture Rich Shampoo - Attitude Living enriched with natural quinoa and jojoba proteins which is recommended for this type of hair.

Shampoo for oily hair

As a rule, oily hair  (associated with excessive production of sebum) almost immediately after washing has a stale appearance. This is especially true for hair near the scalp.

A good shampoo for oily hair should contain ingredients that restore the normal production of sebum.  Natulique Volume Hair Wash is a natural ingredient made shampoo perfect for this type of hair.

Shampoo for gray hair

As a rule, gray hair is thin and sensitive. Bright light gives gray hair a yellowish tint. Special shampoos for gray hair restore their shine.

The right shampoo for gray hair with blue and purple pigments neutralizes the often yellowish tint. Natulique Volume Hair Wash is an organic formula shampoo suitable for this type of hair.

Shampoo for sensitive scalp

As a rule, women with sensitive scalp suffer from itching, burning, and redness of the skin. These are symptoms of skin irritation.

Natulique Volume Hair Wash for sensitive scalp contains mild tensides that prevent further skin irritation. Ingredients such as panthenol (provitamin B5), bisabolol and aloe vera soothe the scalp. 

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Proper care can reduce or stop hair loss. A good shampoo for falling hair contains components that stimulate and improve the structure of the hair.  Green Beaver Hair Care is a good choice for the purpose of anti-hair loss protection.

Greasy hair

If, of course, these strands already appear to be heavy, just imagine if they are exposed to products that stimulate even more greasiness? The owners of these strands can make some mistakes that further aggravate the problem and the wrong choice of shampoo is one of them!

If too much root oil is your problem, invest in Green Beaver Lavender Volumizing Shampoo, which has a lighter formulation than whites and clean without straining the hair. Another tip refers to the moment of washing: make gentle movements on the scalp, applying too much force can stimulate the production of sebum and make the hair greasy!

Fine and smooth

They tend to be oilier, so take daily with light and translucent formulation products, giving preference to those without sulfate. The conditioner should only be used at the tips. Natulique Volume Hair Wash is made with natural formulation also helps to align the hair and give body to the hair.

Dry hair

The causes of dryness can be several: daily damage, investing heavily in heat tools with the dryer and flat iron or not giving up chemical treatments. But the effect is the same for everyone: dull, lifeless hair that's easy to break and frizzy.

Dryness is a consequence of the lack of natural moisture in the hair, which leaves it much more exposed to aggressions that cause the loss of hair mass. To end this problem, Natulique Moisture Hair Wash is that kind of shampoo that gives the hair strength and elasticity.

Brittle hair

Broken hair is the result of aggression imposed on the hair. Heat tools and chemical treatments result in the loss of keratin, as discussed above. Our hair is made up of small scales made of keratin. When we remove this protein from the strand structure, it gets a series of small holes, much more vulnerable to breakage at some point.

Therefore, the solution is to repair your hair. It is important that you adopt with the reconstructive shampoo a capillary schedule for hair support and nutrition, as sudden application of keratin can cause a rebound effect. So keeping the requirement in mind Natulique Moisture Hair Wash is a great solution for chemically treated hair.

Mixed hair

Mixed hair seems to be a problem, doesn't it? After all, how to clean an oily scalp and at the same time nourish dry ends? The answer lies in the Natulique Everyday Hair Wash!

This shampoo can purify the scalp and moisturize the ends in a single wash. But in the absence of a specific product for mixed hair, prioritize the root characteristic by conditioning the ends well after shampooing. 

Now that you know the right shampoo for your hair, you may have noticed that there is one little word that is always in our tips: moisturizing! Analyzing the texture and need of the hair is the first step in choosing the shampoo that will bring the best results. Now you understand what your hair needs and what shampoo is right for you. We have made this special post that tells you how to choose the most suitable product for your hair!