Tips For Healthy & Glowing Skin In Summer Naturally

Those who like to keep their skin always beautiful and flawless should be alert in the summer: the heat can make the face more oily, reddened, and with more impurities, and the sun contributes to the dryness of the skin, even in those who suffer from oiliness too much. If you want to avoid the consequences of the season, you need to take some skincare in the summer.


The sun can cause burns, premature aging of the skin, and even increase the risk of cancer. And as the face is one of the most exposed areas, it needs specific care to stay healthy and minimize the negative aesthetic effects that prolonged exposure can have.


To help you enjoy the warmest season of the year with more peace of mind, we have separated tips for summer skincare naturally. Keep reading our posts and learn them all!


Why should we maintain skincare in summer?

With the arrival of summer, skincare must be redoubled. That's because, at this time of year, solar radiation is more intense, which increases cases of diseases such as skin cancer. In Brazil, the risk is even greater. Our country has a tropical climate perfect for walks on the beach and swimming pools, with plenty of sunbathing.

As we mentioned before, the skin on the face is one of the most exposed and therefore it ends up suffering more than other parts of the body. As it is a more sensitive region, it is very important that you maintain skincare in the summer and use specific products for the face. This way you avoid, in addition to skin cancer, premature aging, spots, burns, and dryness.

What is the main skin cares in summer?

The higher incidence of sunlight, excessive heat, and contact with pool chlorine or sea salt are factors that affect the quality of your skin in summer. Therefore, it is very important to know the main tips to take good care of your face. Check out:

1. Choose a sunscreen suitable for your skin tone

As the face is always exposed, even if you are indoors, you need to use sunscreen every day, as UVA radiation exists even on cloudy days or when sunlight is not direct. Damage builds up, accelerating aging and increasing the risk of skin cancer. For this reason, dermatologists recommend that it be reapplied throughout the day. The ideal is not to leave the skin unprotected at any time.

Look out for the most suitable protection factor for your skin type:

  • Black and dark brown skin: SPF 30
  • Light brown skin: SPF 30 to 50
  • White skin: SPF 50 to 60
  • Very fair skin or people who have had skin cancer: SPF over 60

Remembering that body sunscreen cannot be applied to the face! Only use a face shield for this area.

2. Use a sunscreen specific to your skin type

Summer skincare is most effective when you use products that are best suited to your skin type. You can find a wide variety of sunscreens with different textures and characteristics, which makes it easier for you to find the most appropriate product for your skin type.

  • For oily skin: indicated the use of gel protector, which offers a dry touch and contains anti-shine actives;
  •  For dry skin: the creamier consistency protector is more suitable.

3. When it comes to makeup, less is more

Everyone wants to look as beautiful as possible, and in summer it would be no different. Who doesn't like taking those selfies at the beach or at the pool to update Instagram or get a new profile picture? It turns out that summer skincare also involves makeup, so stay tuned!

With high temperatures, our pores enlarge with it. Then your skincare routine can help you find the ideal makeup for the hot weather. Mix your foundation with the moisturizer to create a light, even coverage that will resist heat without blocking your pores. The result is a flawless finish that will last all day. Or you can choose Summer Essentials, which has a natural formula.

The ideal is to just stick to concealer to hide the spots that bother you. And as fashion is now the make glow, bet on illuminators, blush, and gloss.

4. Keep your skin well hydrated

Even if you have oily skin, you can't give up using moisturizer on those hot days. In that case, use a product specific to your skin type and one that you feel comfortable using. In the heat, dryness of the skin is more common because of the higher incidence of sunlight, loss of water through sweating, among other factors. Therefore, not only the skin but the whole body must be hydrated.

Choose a moisturizer that's appropriate for your skin type, doesn't bother you, and even better if it has a protective factor! A good option for the skin is moisturizing creams based on vitamin E. 

And since we lose more water in the summer heat, we need to increase our fluid intake. In general, it is recommended to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, supplementing this amount with coconut water and natural teas (without sugar).

5. Skin cleaning must be daily

Of course, one of the main skin cares in the summer could not be missing from cleanliness. You can cleanse your skin daily at home, using soap specifically to your skin type and after that, complement the step with a facial tonic. 

However, with heat, people with oily skin suffer from increased sebum production and may want to wash their faces several times a day to control this problem. However, this is a big mistake, as it causes a rebound effect, further stimulating oiliness! Use a proper soap and no hot water at bath time. Wash 2-3 times a day with gentle strokes.

Tips for summer skincare products

Now that you know the basics of summer skincare, you can start looking for the ideal products to protect and treat your skin in this heat. So you can enjoy the beach and the pool without suffering the consequences later! Check out our selection and buy directly through our website and receive at home.