Vegan Day Topics: Vegan Cruelty-Free Hair Products

We are committed to producing natural cosmetic products but above all vegan and free from animal cruelty.

This means that we test the products ourselves, for weeks or months, on different types of skin and hair to check that there are no reactions of any kind.  This test also shows that they also work as we want.

In addition, when a product is vegan, it means that this product does not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

Today, the market offers alternatives without any animal ingredients to almost everything, especially in the hair and beauty industry. Then why doesn't everyone make sure to use vegan coloring and vegan hair products? 

Possibly because everyone doesn't know what the benefits of these products are, but here you finally get an answer as to why you should use them.

Haircare without animal cruelty

Cruelty-free products are those that have not been tested on animals. Although many of these products use vegetable ingredients, they may not necessarily be vegan or vegetarian. The manufacturers of cruelty-free products are committed to the protection of animals and many advocate the elimination of animal testing in the industry.

We can proudly assure you that all the products in Serendipityhouse are natural and cruelty-free.

What are vegan hair color and products?

To begin with, it is good to define what non-animal products mean in the beauty industry. Fully vegan hair colors and products must meet two main requirements:

  • They should not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
  • Neither the product's ingredients nor the final product itself should be tested on animals by the company itself, or by their parent company.

Therefore, products that meet these requirements consist of 100% vegan content. 

Why choose the vegan color and vegan hair products?

Choosing vegan hair care benefits your environment in several ways. Initially, several vegan hair products are both organic and natural. Where plant extracts and oils can be the nutrient.

In addition, non-animal brands appear to be ethically sustainable; complete avoidance of all animal testing is a position for consideration of all living things. 

Another of the strongest arguments for vegan hair colors and products is about climate: these products are environmentally friendly. Choosing them is believing in the future and thinking that the planet deserves to be cared for. Vegan helps you reduce human environmental impact.

Organic Hair Care

Welcome to us at Attitude, Naturigin, Natulique when you want to find natural hair care that does wonders for the hairstyle! In our wide assortment you will find products for both natural and vegan haircare. 

This looks aftercare and gives extra shine to all hair types. By choosing natural hair care, you are doing something good for yourself and the environment while taking care of your hair in the best way.

What are the benefits of vegan and organic hair care?

Why Vegan Hair Care? In all-natural hair care, chemical and unnatural ingredients have been removed and replaced by substances that are just natural.

Unnecessary additives can be harmful to your scalp and you have removed the microplastics that are often found in the wastewater. Natural hair care also contains no silicones or mineral oils, but instead ingredients that are produced in a sustainable way.

Fill the bathroom shelf with organic haircare from the best manufacturers

We offer everything that you need for hair care: Natulique Nourishing Hair Cream, Natulique Moroccan Argan Oil and Naturigin Natural Essence Hair Dye. Our range is designed to contain natural hair care products in all price ranges, so you can easily click home the products that are right for you.

Natural hair care for all hair types

Our range of organic hair care meets all needs and requirements. If you have dry and lifeless hair, a moisturizing wrap can change your hair quality, while oily hair can feel good from a deep cleansing shampoo. You can find products that will be perfect for you and your hairstyle.

Organic natural hair care is a popular gift

Finding the perfect gift for someone you love is often a challenge, but we know that natural hair care always goes home. If you want to look after someone with natural hair care, you will find exactly what you need with us, and of course, we always offer the best! 

Giving away organic natural hair care is an easy way to give something luxurious to your loved one, so why not look around our range to see which products you think had become the most popular?

Natural hair care for all occasions

Vegan hair care products are available for all occasions and purposes. Styling products, cleaning and packaging that are not tested on animals are just some of the things you can find with us.

Why Vegan Hair Care? Well, because such products do not contain animal ingredients but only beneficial substances from nature! With vegan hair care, you take care not only of yourself but also of all other living beings on our planet!

Treat yourself to a day of natural hair care

We would love to give you natural hair care tips and inspiration! Just as we need to take care of our health by exercising. We also need to take care of our external well-being. 

Choose to set aside a day for natural hair care during which you do a cleansing wrap followed by a moisturizing treatment. Then you will be able to see major differences in how your hair is feeling. 

We provide you with all kinds of organic natural hair care

In our range of organic natural hair care, you will find both affordable brands and more exclusive ones. Of course, you buy organic natural hair care at consistently low prices with us at Serendipityhouse!