Why should I use Eco-Friendly Detergents?

In addition to not polluting the environment, ecological detergents are much more careful of clothes and different household surfaces than non-ecological ones. And, at the same time, they are more effective.

Non-ecological detergents contain different chemical ingredients among which there are cleaning agents (called surfactants) along with others that reinforce the effect (phosphates, carbonates, perborates, enzymes, foaming agents, dyes) and that are mostly derived from petroleum.

Its impact on the environment is ended in rivers and seas, and its effects on human health are becoming increasingly known due to the so-called environmental diseases. The appearance or worsening of allergies, dermatitis, asthma is caused by a chemical made detergents.

On the other hand, ecological detergents are made with renewable and sustainable raw materials, without sacrificing effectiveness. Thus, surfactants (which due to their detergent and foaming properties are the main cleansing effect) are natural derivatives.

Ecological detergents for the whole house

In serenipityhouse you can find eco-friendly detergents for clothes, which in addition to leaving a very pleasant aroma, take care of the environment and skin.

The Sensitive Skin Care Laundry Detergent Baby and adults with skin problems is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists and is suitable for cleaning cloth diapers because deep cleans and eliminates odors.

You will also find stain removers (based on potassium soap, which removes difficult stains without damaging the tissues) and bleaching with active oxygen (a powerful bleach, disinfectant, and deodorizer).

We also have dish cleaners, lime products, a cream detergent that do not scratch dishes, degreasing cleaner and gels for the toilet and dishwasher.

Efficient and sustainable

All our cleaning products meet the following requirements:

  • Biodegradable: they practically do not impact the aquatic environment and prevent environmental diseases triggered by excessive exposure to chemical agents.
  • Efficiency at low temperature: they contribute to saving energy resources and the package includes dosing and washing tips to avoid wasting energy and product.
  • Recyclable or reusable containers: for example, the spray bottle can be recharged and used up to 20 times. In addition, they have the green dot, since they are part of the Ecosystem for the collection and recycling of containers.

When a detergent should be called eco-friendly?

Obviously, at home, we can make homemade organic detergents. I assure that can work very well, but if we do not decide and opt for the purchase we must look at the composition of the detergent we choose.

Ecological detergents:

  • From the beginning of their production, they must be completely respectful of the environment.
  • Labeling should be easy for users to understand.
  • In no way should animals have been used to test the effectiveness of the products.
  • The ingredients used must be totally biodegradable.
  • Use natural flavorings.

Why are organic detergents better than traditional ones?

The main and great advantage of ecological detergents is that they are environmentally friendly and therefore do not pollute, unlike conventional detergents. On the other hand, they are also much more sensitive and gentle to our clothes or objects that we want to wash, without losing their effectiveness as a detergent.

If we are thinking of changing our lifestyle to a healthier and more environmentally friendly one,  there is no alternative to ecological detergents in our home. We must bear in mind that the detergent is a product that we use a lot periodically and in all the houses, that is why starting to take care of the environment by buying ecological detergents is a very good option.

Problems of conventional detergents

The main problem of conventional detergents is pollution. We will explain below, they can be toxic both to nature and to those who wear clothes washed with these products.

Unlike organic detergents, conventional detergents have potentially dangerous chemicals as ingredients. Some of these are not even intended to make the clothes cleaner. But to appear to be, making it look whiter or brighter, which does not mean cleaner and more hygienic.

One of the problems of these chemicals is the residue left in the clothes, which can be absorbed through the skin, which can end up causing different health problems, such as dermatitis, nausea, allergies.

In addition to the fact of inhaling or being in contact with these toxic products can affect our health, there is the fact that sulfates and other components affect nature. 

Disadvantages of traditional detergents

Traditional detergents are harmful to both the environment and the people who use them, as they can affect our health. These types of detergents have potentially dangerous chemicals among their ingredients.

The big problem is that conventional detergents contain these chemicals and when we wash clothes with them, a residue remains in cloth. Later, can be absorbed by our skin at the time of putting on the cloth, which can cause us some problems to health such as dermatitis or allergies.

So this affects our health which is something very serious, but it also directly affects nature, it is even worse. These chemicals reach rivers and seas where they are ingested or absorbed by all kinds of animals and plants, polluting the environment and the whole society.

Advantages of ecological detergents

As we have explained above, the main drawback of using traditional detergents is the contamination produced by the chemical products it contains, since ecological detergents do not have these ingredients, they are totally respectful of the environment and our own health.

Normally, the harmful ingredients we find in traditional detergents are chlorine, sulfates and dyes, while in organic detergents they are replaced by biodegradable products, from organic crops that respect nature and the environment.

On the other hand, ecological detergents can help us reduce our expenses since they do not need hot water to wash clothes properly. In this way, we can use cold water and save on electricity.

Finally, as we have explained previously, ecological detergents are a great benefit to our health, since the residues that may remain in the clothes will never come from dangerous chemicals, but from natural and ecological products.