Why Your Skin Deserves Organic Skin Care Products?

By opting for organic skin care products we gain benefits that go beyond aesthetic results.  Since all our skin care products are organic are becoming more and more present here on the blog, I think it is worth talking to you - at least briefly - Why Your Skin Deserves Organic Skin Care Products?


For a long time, organic skin care products have had a bad reputation for not being as effective as traditional skin care products. But in recent years, they have gained massive popularity. Sensuality, effectiveness, and naturalness are the keywords of organic skin care products today.

Organic skincare products: better for your health

Traditional skin care products are nowadays full of often allergenic chemicals. As a result, undesirable effects due to conventional skin care products are constantly on the rise. This is why many people are turning to natural and organic skin care products.


Organic cosmetic products have the specialty of not containing preservatives (especially parabens), allergens, synthetic products, synthetic perfumes or chemical dyes. They contain more active ingredients than traditional skin care products and have the particularity of bio mimicking the natural constituents of the epidermis. Better assimilated by the body, organic skin care products penetrate deep into the skin as if they were acting in their natural element. The skin is therefore much more receptive to natural skin care products.


To replace synthetic ingredients, organic skin care products use natural components such as plant extracts, floral waters, plant oils, or essential oils. The effectiveness of essential oils on the body has been known for a long time. 


By integrating essential oils into your beauty routine, you will see the difference. Essential oil is highly concentrated in active ingredients and is effective in beauty care. Essential oils have proven to be as effective or sometimes more effective than synthetic ingredients.


Organic skincare products: considerable progress

A few years ago, organic was limited to using essential oils to perfume and preserve skin care (in the absence of synthetic ingredients). Today, organic skincare products manufacturers have adapted to the needs of consumers, reaching a level of technicality that goes beyond efficiency. No more fatty textures, questionable colors, and non-sensory odors!


When advanced research meets nature, this produces organic skincare products that are both sensory, effective and natural for real pleasure on a daily basis. Manufacturers have been clever in their ingenuity in finding alternatives to synthetic ingredients. 


Synthetic fragrances have been replaced by fresh, sweet, and light natural fragrances. The textures have been worked to obtain light textures, non-greasy, and pleasant to apply. Today the organic skincare products industry has made considerable progress in terms of formula and packaging.


Not only do you benefit your skin by avoiding the use of chemical preservatives (which remain stored in the body) but you also benefit the environment. Whether it's the body, hair, or skin care, you can easily find organic skincare products, so make the right choice!


Organic skincare products are highly controlled

The ingredients, even if they are of natural origin, are subject to very demanding controls and tests. They contain many plant extracts, which logically implies a greater risk of pollution at all levels. Like traditional skincare products, and perhaps even more than them, they are therefore subject to numerous controls, requiring very detailed traceability.


In organic products, this involves controls at the level of the farmer, then at the level of the supplier of raw materials (who must deliver a technical data sheet), to end with very detailed analyses on the finished product.

Organic skincare products Are Now Also Easy To Use

Many brands now offer quality organic or natural skincare products. However, you can also make your own care, it is the big trend of the moment with natural skincare products. But beware of homemade production and especially the use of certain ingredients. 


You may be allergic to certain properties of this or that ingredient. So to avoid the risk of allergies, irritations, the safest and easiest way is to trust the laboratories which, subject to very specific controls, are under the obligation to provide you with quality products. they want to be certified and labeled. Their expertise allows them to develop very effective products that meet the requirements of each skin type (its nature, age, sensitivity, problems, etc.).


Organic skincare products Are Really Effective

Today, advances in "green chemistry" allow natural or organic skincare products to be just as effective as skincare products from petrochemicals. 


The effectiveness of essential oils on the body has been widely recognized for a long time. Essential oil is 250 times more effective than an herb. By incorporating a few drops of essential oil into vegetable oil to make a serum for the face, you can see the difference after a fortnight.


Organic skincare products are not necessarily more expensive

As with traditional skincare products, there are different price ranges in organic and natural products. On some products, there is a slight cost impact, because, for example, baobab pulp costs more than silicones. There is a reason to say that it is better to buy fewer products, but quality products.


Organic skincare products Are Pleasant To Use

For organic face and body creams, there is almost no difference with traditional skin care. Perfectly absorbed by the skin, the textures are most often rich, unctuous or fluid, due to the presence of noble raw materials, such as vegetable oils and kinds of butter.


Organic skincare products have very pleasant smells. Thanks to essential oils or hydrosols, organic skincare products produce arachnological benefits by influencing our nervous system. Thus, a scent of rose, geranium, or lavender creates balance, soothing. And a smell of neroli or lemon tones.

How To Choose Organic skincare products?

Pump tubes and bottles are preferred over pots to limit the risk of bacterial contamination. Be aware that the treatments that are packaged in jars necessarily contain more preservatives, since the product is much more exposed to air and light. Even if they are natural, they remain preservatives. Check the percentage of natural ingredients (which must be more than 85% minimum) indicated on the packaging. 

Final Words

Using natural or organic skincare products today means having the guarantee of applying a biodegradable product to your skin, respectful of the skin and nature.