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Seventh Generation

Chlorine-Free Pantiliners 15cm 50ct


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SKU#: SG45107

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Ingredients: Totally chlorine free processed wood fluff pulp (absorbent core), polypropylene (liner), polyethylene (moisture barrier layer), adhesives (seams, layers)Peel away strip: Silicone coated paper (elemental chlorine free). The tiny peel away strip are whitened using a process that still utilizes chemicals containing chlorine. Our goal is for the strips to be whitened with the totally chlorine free process.   Product Manufactured in: Quebec, CanadaIngredient Origins: Globally Sourced   Please read the box for usage instructions. Do Not Flush! Used pads, pantiliners, and tampons can damage sewage and septic systems. Wrap and throw into garbage.   • Made with 0% fragrances, dyes, deodorants, rayon, or chlorine bleaching.• Made without chlorine whiteners, which helps protect waterways.• 100% recyclable plastic packaging.• Hypoallergenic & gluten-free.