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Himalayan Crystal Salt

OHCS Bath Salt 1kg



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SKU#: HC0504

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  • Luxuriate in an Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath
  • Earth’s Original Ocean of Energy

Hand-crushed crystals are enclosed in a 100% linen bag. After heated by the oven for around 3 minutes, and placed on the body, the salt crystals provide relief for tired, aching muscles, menstrual cramps.  

Imagine yourself being the first human being to take a dip in the pristine, primal ocean of 250 million years ago. Now you can. . . With an Original Himalayan Crystal Salt bath you can recapture that experience at any time.

In contrast to a normal bath in which moisture is extracted from the skin, the Sole or salt bath allows salt to be stored in the upper callous layer of the skin and binds water. This maintains the natural, protective film of the skin and theskin does not dry out. This is the reason why salt baths are good for dry skin as well.

A Sole bath is a sheer ocean of energy. Bioenergetic deficits are rebalanced and weak links become strengthened, reactivating our body’s electric current. The organs’ functions start to resonate with the natural frequency patterns of the sole. This activates the natural regulatory mechanism of the body and its self-healing powers. A 30 minute sole bath has the cleansing effect of a three-day fast.