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Himalayan Crystal Salt

OHCS Crystal Fine 1kg



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Fine Granulated Culinary Salt naturally brings out the flavor in your food. This non-chemically touched pink salt. contains 84 trace minerals in almost identical ratios to what exist in our blood. The structure of the crystals is so perfect and size of the particles so small that they can be absorbed into the cell and metabolized by the body. This salt is the healthiest and tastiest salt on the market.

With a truly “alive” taste, cooking and preparing food with Fine Salt is an easy and delicious way to improve your health:

  • Contains 84 minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc. essential for health
  • The actual salt researched in the book Water & Salt that contains the only Himalayan salt researched to date
  • The only salt with a certificate of analysis proving superior quality with all 84 trace minerals
  • Provides natural electrolytes, supports pH balance and alkalizes


How to Use

Simply go to your pantry, throw out all your old table salt and replace it with Fine Granulated Culinary Salt

Your health just improved!

Use as you would any table salt as a seasoning and for all of your cooking and baking needs.


2.2lb (1kg) of 100% Himalayan Fine Granulated Salt