About Serendipity House


Founded in 2004 by my brother Gordon, Serendipity House aspires to create everyday Serendipitous Product Experiences in your home. We're a faith centric, ecologically & socially-conscious brand which believes that Serendipitous experiences should be egalitarian: every person has an innate right to experience an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle at the best prices. Over a decade, step by step, Serendipity House evolved to become the exclusive distributor of over 1000 globally sourced, natural and organic products. We uniquely position ourselves to provide you and your family with a healthier and more natural living environment because that's what we would want for our loved ones.


Serendipity House's Exclusive Brand Portfolio includes global leading brands such as Biokleen, GreenBeaver, Naturigin & Natulique, Seventh Generation, DermaE and many more. We operate in over 20 Categories and our brands consistently rank as category leaders. Serendipity House also partners with leading global consolidators to provide over 100 Brands to Consumers at the lowest prices. If you would like us to partner withy your brand, email us at info@serendipityhouse.com.hk; We're always looking for the new brands to add to our portfolio. We operate and collect the best from the earth for you mainly from the USA and North America, and distribute to regional areas in Asia, including Hong Kong.


  1. We believe in trust.
  2. We believe in feedback.
  3. We believe in putting in an unrelenting effort to provide the best service, before, during and after every purchase.
  4. We believe every home should have its own Serendipitous experience.
  5. We believe that we should be fans of our own products and use them in our homes, offices and for our cats Nuan Nuan.
  6. We believe in our products and ensure they are stored in state of the art low humidity and air conditioned warehouses.
  7. We believe in giving back to the Hong Kong Socially like Conscious Community.


Growing up as a minority, I saw my mother work 6 days a week to commit herself to the well being of her customers as a Pharmacist and to be that voice to her clients. Her commitment to those in need inspired my brother, sister and me. My mother remembered all their needs and my dad would drive around town to deliver our products to their home every day.

Your satisfaction matters and every product you purchase is a relationship with us - it is critical that we inspire trust in every transaction. We are 100% committed to you and that is our business model. From the simplest features such as Guest Checkout as the Default option, to ensuring consistent site wide promotions, and a single tier member rewards program, we stand by our egalitarian roots.

We are committed to bringing the best to your home everyday with the best delivery in the market, and we take feedback seriously.


We have great relationships with our retailer partners and if you would like to be a retail partner, please contact us at wholesale@serendipityhouse.com.hk. Please call your local retailer to find out which products are carried.


Serendipity House is owned by Entrepreneur Philip G Chiu. Born in Paterson from a Middle Class Family and a Christian, Philip is passionate about promoting a healthier organic and natural lifestyle for everyday people. Philip’s father gave him the Chinese name RuJia which means “make everyone good”. Serendipity House is Philip’s life mission about promoting trust, hope and family values through meaningful product experiences. Philip is an Alumni of The Johns Hopkins University (B.S. Engineering, with Honors in Mathematics & Computer Science), a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, an alumni of Harvard Business School, elected into the Cerulean Society for Johns Hopkins Alumni and an Active Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).