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Fafa Fine Fragrance

Baby FaFa Farbic Soften 600ml

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Purposeful Care for Delicate Baby's Skin:
Made with Baby in Mind:
Crafted with gentle care and delicate skin in mind, our fabric softener is perfect for your precious little ones.
100% Plant-Derived Ingredients:
Experience gentle garment care with 100% plant-derived flexible ingredients, ensuring a soft touch on your baby's sensitive skin.
Highly Absorbent Formula:
Our highly absorbent formula is ideal for use with gauze, underwear, and towels, providing comfort for sweaty babies.
Mommy-Friendly Composition:
Free from coloring agents, preservatives, and silicone additives, addressing mommy's concerns for a pure and safe fabric softener.
Natural Bergamot Essential Oils:
Enriched with natural bergamot essential oils known for their high relaxation properties, offering a subtle and soothing fragrance.
Formulated with Natural Moisturizing Ingredients:
Derived from milk, our fabric softener includes natural moisturizing ingredients for added skin nourishment.
Skin Irritation Tested:
Tested for skin irritation to ensure the gentlest care for your baby's delicate skin.
Flexible Finishing Agent:
Specifically formulated as a flexible finishing agent for various fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fibers.

Product Details:
Product Name: Baby Fur Concentrated Fabric Softener
Uses: Ideal for clothing (cotton, wool, silk, synthetic fiber)
Ingredients: Surfactant (alkyl imidazolin type cation), stabilizing agent
Estimated Usage Amount: 3.3 fl oz (30 L) of water (3.4 fl oz / 10 ml for diaper covers; follow display instructions for washing).

Caution and Usage Instructions:
Keep out of reach of children and store away from infants and individuals with dementia.
Use only for its intended purpose.
Follow washing machine manual instructions when using the automatic outlet (English language not guaranteed).
Do not directly apply liquid to clothing.
Due to plant-derived flexible ingredients, liquid may separate and harden based on storage conditions.
Store away from high temperatures, low temperatures, and direct sunlight.

First Aid:
If swallowed, rinse mouth and drink water without vomiting.
If in eyes, rinse thoroughly under running water without rubbing.
In any case, bring the product and consult a physician if needed.
Experience the joy of caring for your baby's clothes with the tender touch of Baby Fur Concentrated Fabric Softener.

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