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Seventh Generation

Baby Overnight Diapers Stage 4

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Our commitment to safety and effectiveness is evident in the carefully selected ingredients of our training pants:
Totally Chlorine-Free Processed Wood Fluff Pulp (Absorbent Core): Embrace a chlorine-free approach with responsibly sourced wood fluff pulp, ensuring effective absorption.
Sodium Polyacrylate (Absorbent Core): Guarantee superior absorbency with the use of sodium polyacrylate in the absorbent core.
Polypropylene (Various Components):
Core Wrap
Liner Layer
Moisture Barrier Layer
Fastening System
Outer Layer Utilize polypropylene for various components, contributing to the overall functionality of the training pants.
Adhesives (Seams, Joints): Ensure durability and reliability with carefully applied adhesives at seams and joints.
Polymer Spandex (Fastening System, Leg Elastic): Enhance flexibility and comfort with the use of polymer spandex in the fastening system and leg elastic.
Polyurethane (Waist Elastic): Ensure a secure fit with polyurethane used in the waist elastic.
Pigments and Inks: Achieve color through the use of pigments, and external printed designs through inks. Both are carefully selected for safety and aesthetic purposes.

Safety Information:
Keep packaging away from children and babies to prevent choking or suffocation hazards.
Diapers, like any clothing item, are flammable. Exercise caution and keep away from open flames.

Additional Features:
Overnight Diapers with Extra Leak Protection: Experience peace of mind with our training pants designed for overnight use, providing extra leak protection.
Great for Travel: Conveniently use our training pants for travel, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free solution.
Overnight Diapers Free of Chlorine Processing: Prioritize a chlorine-free approach in our overnight diapers, promoting both safety and environmental responsibility.
Made with Sustainably Harvested Wood Pulp: Contribute to sustainability with the use of wood pulp harvested in an environmentally responsible manner.
Overnight Diapers Free of Fragrances and Lotions: Choose a training pant that is free from added fragrances and lotions, ideal for delicate skin.

Our training pants embody safety, effectiveness, and sustainability, providing a reliable solution for your child's needs.

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