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Hair Colour Treatment with Pure Silk 250ml

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Unveil the secret to vibrant and long-lasting color with our carefully crafted Organic Color Protection Hair Treatment. Made from a selection of organic and natural ingredients, this high-quality treatment is specifically formulated for colored hair. With a blend of Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, plant-based Protein, and Chamomilla and flower extract, it establishes an invisible protective barrier on strands, enhancing hair's elasticity, resiliency, and color retention.

Key Features:
Color Preservation:
Builds an invisible protective barrier to extend the life of hair color, ensuring vibrancy and longevity.
Hydrolyzed Silk Protein:
Repairs damaged hair and split ends, contributing to improved hair texture.
Plant-based Protein:
Enhances hair's elasticity and resiliency, promoting overall hair health.
Chamomilla and Flower Extract:
Provides a natural and soothing essence while protecting hair from UV rays due to sun exposure.
Deep Conditioning Treatment:
Addresses the tendency of colored hair to become dry by offering deep conditioning. Use at least once a week for optimal care.

Usage Instructions:
Apply to dampened hair, ensuring it is evenly distributed.
Wrap hair in a towel for approximately half an hour to allow the treatment to be fully absorbed.
Rinse thoroughly for smooth, lightweight, and UV-protected colored hair.

Elevate your hair care routine with our Organic Color Protection Hair Treatment, a luxurious and effective solution to maintain the brilliance of your colored locks.

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