1 Day Until Christmas! Best Skin Care Tips to Look Beautiful on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to have your skin ready for the parties with the tips that SERENDIPITYHOUSE has separated for you! The care with hygiene, sun protection and hydration combined with special treatments such as peeling, exfoliation, and facial masks will leave your skin healthy and beautiful for these special moments. Check it out!

Hygienize, hydrate and protect at all times!

Hygiene, moisturization and sun protection are essential steps to achieve beautiful and healthy skin for the holidays. Especially with the summer and the stress that the skin ends up suffering in this season, care like these become indispensable.

Cleaning the skin at the beginning and end of the day is a habit that should always be part of your care routine because it helps to remove oiliness, impurities from the city pollution, makeup and other products. It is very important to make the hygienic cleaning with an ideal soap for your skin type and thus avoid the obstruction of the pores and the consequent appearance of carnations and pimples.

Another step to get the skin ready for the end of the year parties is the moisturization, which gives a young, healthy and firm look to the skin. By moisturizing your skin correctly you can prevent wrinkles, peeling, itching, roughness, and skin sensitivity. You should not forget sun protection, which should be retouched every two hours to act effectively in the fight against premature aging, blemishes, and oiliness.

Exfoliation: renew the skin periodically

The other treatment that can be added at this time to get your skin ready for the holidays is exfoliation. It can be done on both the face and body and helps skin renewal by eliminating dead cells and impurities that leave your skin looking old and dry. Moreover, by performing a deep cleansing, releasing the pores and improving skin breathing, exfoliation allows other skin products to act more effectively.

You need to know your skin type before exfoliating. Normal, dry skin can be exfoliated once a week, oily skin up to twice, and sensitive skin up to once every 15 days. If yours is acneic, consult a dermatologist and follow their advice. Take advantage of exfoliation to avoid blackheads, pimples and ingrown hairs, besides stimulating the production of new cells, with more collagen.

Specific products for moisturizing the face are essential

The dermatologist warns about the use of moisturizing creams formulated especially for the face, with increased sun exposure and consumption of alcoholic beverages - common at end-of-year parties. The face usually has thinner skin than the body, which results in more sebaceous glands and more sensitivity. Therefore, applying products indicated for the body on the face, especially in the period when the face is exposed to more damage at the end of the year, can generate an allergic picture, increase oiliness and generate irritation in the region.

Facial Masks: the advantages of using

Those who look for a special treatment to make their skin even more beautiful at Christmas, New Year's Eve and at gatherings with friends can choose the facial masks. The results of these skin cosmetics can be observed immediately. This is because the masks have a higher concentration of activated in their formula. If you want to achieve an even better result with the treatment, have a complete care routine, following the three steps for healthy and beautiful skin.

The facial masks can offer several benefits for your skin, such as the recovery of the vitality of the face, hydration, anti-aging action, detox, increased brightness and even decreased pores. When choosing the ideal face mask for you, take into account your skin type and the needs it has. A valuable tip is to use hot water to remove the mask after the indicated time of use, which will leave your skin with a refreshing sensation.

Peeling: leave skin lighter and brighter

Peeling is also a great option to treat the skin before Christmas. It is called peeling because the procedure works by renewing the cells through peeling. A good peel is able to reduce blemishes, wrinkles, signs and lesions leaving the skin looking more beautiful and uniform.

According to your needs and the type of skin you have, opt for a physical or chemical peel. The first is done through agents that induce peeling, such as sandpapers and abrasive creams and provides immediate improvement in tone, texture, and pigmentation of the skin. The chemical peeling occurs through the application of agents such as salicylic and retinoic acids, which remove the surface layers of the skin so that later it regenerates with a better appearance.

These skin care tips will help you look beautiful in this Christmas eve and make you glow among the others. Maybe you have other beauty tips to share with us, we would love to hear from you.