10 Popular Vegan, Cruelty-Free Brands You Should Know

Veganism is not just a dish. Get to know 10 brands of vegan cosmetics to take care of beauty and, at the same time, preserve animal life!


Veganism is a movement that aims to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, any form of animal exploitation. This means that this lifestyle is not just about the dish. There are cleaning products free of cruelty, tissues with no animal origin, and vegan cosmetics, which we will talk about in this post.


Cruelty-free cosmetics are those that haven't passed through animal tests. To be considered vegan, besides this characteristic, the products shouldn't have ingredients such as lanolin, collagen, keratin, honey, beeswax, etc. 


At the beginning of the transition, it seems impossible to decipher the list of ingredients and to know if that is a liberated product or not. But, as time goes by, you discover the certification stamps, you train your look, and, mainly, you know, by color, the main vegan cosmetic brands. 


To help you with this undertaking in search of more conscious life, we have separated 5 brands of vegan cosmetics for you to know and love. Take a look:


Attitude Living

Attitude Living was the first global beauty brand to position itself against animal testing in products. For many years, the company has been working in partnership with Cruelty-Free International to change the market and end cruelty once and for all. Suppliers of the Attitude Living products need to be within brand rules, which makes the process even more transparent. In the store, the customer finds a good diversity of products for all skin types. The mix ranges from moisturizers to exfoliating creams and treatments.


Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation living is another example of a brand that has adhered to veganism with time. Nowadays, all its products are 100% free of ingredients of animal origin. And the best of all is that Seventh Generation is an accessible brand, with very cheap products. 



Among the companies that are gaining more and more public attention for betting on innovative formulas is NATULIQUE, which stands out with ease. The brand focuses on hair health to offer a range of trendy, practical, and sustainable products in one go. NATULIQUE's informal language was another very important point to retain a crowd of customers who today love the company.



With a more natural footprint, NATURIGIN has vegan and organic cosmetics for those who like to beautify and take care of their skin at the same time. The brand also has nail polishes, hair dye, and other vegan hair care products.



It is impossible to talk about sustainability and respect for the environment and not to mention Biokleen, one of the brands that brought a new vision to the market. With processes that closely observe environmental legislation and that seek to reduce the impacts on nature as much as possible.



DERMA E's relationship with the environment is the main pillar of success for the cosmetics brand. The products have dye-free formulas and artificial fragrances and focus on natural extracts - not to mention that no product is tested on animals. The DERMA E-catalog is a mix of discoveries with options for men and women - there are treatments for hair, beard, skin, and makeup.



ECOS is known for having pure and simple formulas. No product contains more than five ingredients, none of which have been tested on animals.


Best of all, they also explain exactly what those ingredients will do to your skin. The brand proposes that when it comes to cleaning, simple can be best.


BETTER LIFE's motto is to be friendly with nature, without neglecting hygienic cleaning, which has earned it the acceptance of consumers, who have declared, through social networks, to prefer this brand for the quality of their products and the safety they feel when using them, knowing that they are free of parabens, gluten, and cruelty-free.


All Good

All Good Cosmetics has distinguished itself by its products for professional use, which have already been made available to all consumers. All Good products are paraben-free. In addition, they do not test their product on any kind of animals so the products are cruelty-free. Many personalities in the fashion world have declared to prefer All Good for that fact.


Nourish Organic

Nourish Organic is a company that has reiterated its commitment to being a 100% cruelty-free brand. None of their products are tested on animals, nor do they use animal parts. Its market strategy lies in offering consumers feminine and eye-catching packaging, as well as excellent quality in its products.


Did you know some of these vegan cosmetic brands? Have you tested any of their products? How about give a chance and discover how vegan cosmetics, besides being ethical, are as incredible as the conventional ones?