2 Days Until Christmas! Preparing the Kitchen for Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the best date of the year to celebrate alongside the people you love, but that doesn't mean you need to invite a lot of people or cook the most elaborate recipes.

It is possible to prepare a Christmas dinner for a few people with all the best: delicious recipes, themed decorations, refreshing drinks, and a tailored menu, without exaggeration or waste.

Cooking and cleaning must go hand in hand if you want your kitchen not to look like a battlefield. Make the most of your time while you prepare dinner, sit down at the table without rushing and finish the day as you like, but with your kitchen in order!


It's important to have a clean and clear kitchen before you start making dinner. You can use a natural ingredient made dish cleaner and floor cleaner. Dealing with dirty pots and pans while preparing food can be uncomfortable and unhygienic.


While you're cooking, you're getting utensils that you're going to have to put in the dishwasher or sink. If you don't have space, you might accumulate them in the sink in a way that will cause more work (and discomfort). So, have the necessary place to put everything you clean.


The most practical thing is to clean up as you cook. Make the most of the time when the food is in the oven or pan, or take a few minutes to do so. You will appreciate not piling up boards, knives, and graters that will later seem like a nightmare. So, We are curious to know, how do you clean pots and pans properly? Here are some tips from serendipityhouse:


Wiping the countertop with a cloth is important to avoid accumulating food debris or removing stains before they become embedded. You can take the help of BacOut Floor Cleaner. Using a specific cloth for this purpose is much more convenient and hygienic than using the same cloth for the whole kitchen.


The tables should be cleaned immediately if you prepare or cut food such as meat or fish. If we leave them for later, they can be a growing target for bacteria. In this case, you can use a disinfectant to clean the cutting boards to make it germ-free.


It helps remove the remains on the countertop, for comfort and hygiene. You can easily keep Peeling potatoes, fruit, cracking eggs in the trash bucket. Keep the rubbish hand bin for easy disposal and keep your broom close by. There is always something that ends up on the floor and you run the risk of stepping on it!


Unless you want to have to air out your whole house before going to bed, use the cooker hood well. Once you have finished cooking, keep it on for 10 minutes to eliminate any remaining odors. And remember that it is always better to have the kitchen window open a little bit so that there is proper air circulation.


As soon as you get up from your chair, clean the table: take the dishes and other items to the kitchen, pick up the tablecloth and put everything back in its place. Having a clean and tidy dining room is very important in Christmas party times.


Since there are friends and families, some dishes will be there to wash them as soon as you can. Because washing the dinner plates won't take long. A good dishwasher can make your job easier and comfortable. If you have a dishwasher, even better you can do it within a few seconds.


These two places are important because you will do most of the work here.

So, you should clean and disinfect thoroughly before the grand dinner of Christmas. You don’t want to be late at the time of dinner preparation.


Before turning off the kitchen light until Christmas day one last consideration for your clothes. Fill the sink with a little hot water and a trickle of bleach, or even vinegar, soak the wipes overnight, and rinse them the next morning. It is the best way to have germs at bay. If you do it in an easy way you can use ATTITUDE

Disinfectant to make your kitchen germ free.


Although you may find it incredible, kitchen cloths and wipes can contain more bacteria than your bathroom. Using a single cloth to clean everything, or drying with the same cloth, can be counterproductive. It is best to use one cloth or rag for each item and wash them often, depending on their use. Put them in the washing machine, together with towels and stretch them out to dry thoroughly.

How to organize Christmas dinner

Now that you have prepared your kitchen for Christmas Dinner. Let’s Check out tips on how to organize Christmas dinner: see how to prepare for this special occasion and ensure a perfect night.

The Christmas dinner is a super special moment and it must be carefully planned. This organization is important for everything to work out and result in a perfect night. Even more so if you host the night: the success of recipes and decor is in your hands! So, check out some valuable tips on how to organize Christmas dinner. Serendipityhouse will help you rock and have a wonderful Christmas!

Who you will invite?

First of all, you must ask yourself: who will attend this supper? The number of guests will imply the amount of food and hence the preparation of everything. So try to build your guest list as soon as possible. Also, make sure everyone is really confirmed. Tip: Don't forget to calculate the children and caregivers: Anyone who is important and should be taken into account on the list.


Once you've set the number of people, it's time to define how much you will spend. Calculate the maximum amount you want to spend. This makes it much easier to choose the evening menu.

Menu and shopping list

It is important to think carefully about the menu. Remember who will attend supper, if there are any dietary restrictions, if there are too many children, someone who does not drink alcohol, etc. Keeping this in mind, it is easier to put together a menu that pleases everyone and is a success. So you can buy the ingredients more calmly and with plenty of time. Make an organized shopping list, not skipping any items.

Organization and advance preparations

When the date is approaching, it is time to make the preparations. Ideally, arrange things a day or two before the 24th. Separate the table decor, prepare the base of the sauces, separate the ingredients from each dish, and begin defrosting the ingredients in the freezer.

Well planned and full proof preparation is the key to a successful dinner arrangement. Serendipityhouse will always be there for your everyday household needs.