7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Healthy Lifestyle in Hong Kong

Healthy living is all that most people want. However, the rush of everyday life makes the achievement of this goal often take second place. In this pandemic period tiredness, stress, and irritation, for example, are some of the symptoms that your body can experience - and that affects your quality of life. 


But did you know that adopting healthy habits isn't as hard as it sounds? Here are 7 Ways to Achieve a healthy lifestyle by Harvard University's HEALTHbeat. A few tips, when put into practice, will make all the difference! In this article, we are going to make this subject easy and show you what you can do to live better!

1. Select A Goal

Before you go on a trip, you need to know what you're getting at, right? When we decide to create new habits and seek a healthy life, we also need to know what our goals are.


By setting a goal, the situation becomes more real. And when you reach that goal, you will be motivated to seek constant improvement.


At this point, everything will depend on your current moment. What do you need to have a healthy life? Losing a few pounds, gaining muscle mass, reducing blood sugar levels, and controlling cholesterol are some examples of goals.


A good way to create smart goals is to use a business methodology: SMART. Your goal needs to be:

  • Specific: do not leave your goal open, like "lose weight". Define what you want in detail. For example: lose 2 kilos in a month;
  • Measurable: you need to measure the results. Here's the time to use the scale and tape measure if your goal is to lose weight;
  • Attainable: set realistic and fair goals, so you don't lose motivation if you don't reach them;
  • Relevant: set a goal that will really have a positive impact on your health;
  • Time-based: set a deadline to meet your goal.


2. Ask A Big Question

More than a third of people have made more than 10 failed attempts to lose weight and we don't want you to go through the same.

Jumpstart for a healthy lifestyle needs to be flexible, and easy to follow and more importantly, it needs to be transformed into a lifestyle for you to follow for a lifetime.

So if you want to know the big questions that will protect you from frustration and ensure greater success in your future healthy lifestyle attempts and diets, ask yourself do you have the motivation to get there and maintain the lifestyle afterward? 

This part may not seem important to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle but it is very crucial. Because it will give you the reason to keep moving forward no matter how difficult it is! 


3. Pick Your Choice for Change

Starting a healthy lifestyle project requires some specific actions. You have to choose the things that you want to change. In addition, some people feel more encouraged when they are being accompanied by professionals.

Having reliable professional guidance can help you achieve your goals more safely. These professionals can also help you to set new challenges.

To have a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to understand the importance of your choices. But changing habits is the most difficult thing for the human being, after all, we have adapted to the daily routine that naturally asks for "automatic" habits to speed up the daily stages. But what we should know is that health and well-being are directly linked. If you adopt healthy habits, you will soon also have a mental and emotional balance.


4. Commit Yourself

Transforming your life and adopting a fitness lifestyle is not that easy. However, the starting point for this to happen is your willingness to want to change and the certainty that making good choices will be important to make your life better. 

Think of yourself as the most important person for you and your family. It will be doing it for you, for your health, for your balance, for your happiness and longevity.

Remember that if you fail to commit, you and your loved ones will be harmed. These are going to be the people most directly affected, in case you get sick.


5. Scout Out Easy Obstacles

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to reaching our goals is not related to the capacity of the body, but to the mind. When it comes to exercise, motivation is essential, which is why you must combat negative thoughts that prevent you from starting the journey towards good health.

We all know the importance of regular exercise for the health of the body and mind. However, we don't always do it. Most of the time we have several different justifications for staying sedentary.  Brainstorm the obstacles and find a way to overcome them.


6. Brainstorm Ways to Leap Over Obstacles

Once you identify the obstacles you need to brainstorm the ways to overcome the obstacles. 

Here are some common obstacles to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and how you can overcome them. 

  • Lack of time: if you don't make time for yourself, you won't be able to do your best for those who depend on you. You may be able to find more time to exercise by realizing that it is something you are doing for the people you count on. And then, you will soon realize how much you enjoy exercising regularly.
  • Lack of support: If your family and friends are not exercising, it can be difficult to find the motivation to start. The solution: find an exercise buddy. See if you can get your partner or another member of your family to sign up for an activity with you or accompany you on a regular walk at night.
  • Lack of energy: There is an easy solution to this, as nothing gives you more energy than exercise. Astonished? Several studies have documented this phenomenon. The moment you start to make an effort, your energy and strength increase.

You can find out more obstacles for yourself and find ways to overcome them. 


7. Reward Yourself

People created a myth that dietary reward is just-food. And they end up getting lost when they go back to the lifestyle they had finally managed to conquer.


You can reward yourself with non-food rewards to keep you on track and encourage yourself to take a step further.

Did you get the result you expected? Take yourself to the cinema, go visit a friend or buy that outfit you wanted so much. Anyway, there are several ways to give gifts, because after all, you deserve it!


Hong Kong Third-wave

In the face of a third wave in Hong Kong, the government resumed some of the measures of social distance, limiting the number of people at a table to eight and increasing the number of tests carried out to about 400 thousand employees of public transport, stores, and nursing homes of elderly people.


The aim is to increase the number of tests performed - with an emphasis on finding asymptomatic cases.  So again there will be a long period of quarantine lifestyle in Hongkong. 


Now you may be wondering how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle during this period.  Let’s know about them.


How to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle During the Quarantine

Children and their families are used to the daily races, both for school and work. Now that they must stay at home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during quarantine can prove an arduous task. Here are some tips that may help:


Maintain A Healthy Diet

This is the ideal opportunity for family members to discover healthy and delicious recipes.

Establish A New Sleep Rhythm

Try to set a daily bedtime and wake-up time, so that no one gets uninhabited on their return to daily life.

Resume Contact

Recontact friends from old schools or families who are further away. This is a perfect time for reconnecting with them.

Eating More Often

More frequency in smaller quantities. Establish up to 6 possible meals daily, divided into breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and a small snack before going to bed. In case the smaller ones go to bed early, remove this last snack.

Drink More Water

When our body is dehydrated, one of the main sensations is tiredness. Find out how to encourage children to drink more water during their days.

Focus On The Healthiest Foods

Put more fish on the table, like salmon or tuna. Being home with a family can be a great opportunity to encourage children to eat vegetables and teach them the benefits of fruit for their lives.


Soon, families will pick up the pace they are used to. But until then, take the opportunity to be with the little ones, spend more quality time with the family, and stipulate some habits that will be reflected later in everyone.