Are Your Personal Care Products Really Safe? What Do You Need To Know

In modern times, the widespread use of the internet for personal care products can bring difficulties, doubts, lost investments, or even damage to health. New products are even more complicated: which ones are safe? Are they suitable for all skin types? Often they have the signature of bloggers with tips, but really deliver what they promise? Can they cause allergy or other damage?


How can we guide ourselves in choosing these personal care products in the face of so many offers? Would it be possible to try to follow a pattern or a booklet to choose such products?


First of all, it is necessary to define the concept of what is personal care products: they are preparations consisting of natural or synthetic substances, for external use in various parts of the human body (skin, capillary system, nails, lips). 


They have the exclusive or main purpose of cleaning them, perfuming them, altering their appearance, correcting body odors, protecting them, or keeping them in good condition. Therefore it is a wide range of applications, including soaps, bath foams, products such as shampoos, moisturizers, and even make-up products.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products for cleaning the skin, eyelids, eyelashes, mouth, hair, fold regions (armpits, groins), intimate areas, or specific areas for hands, nails, and feet need to be dermatologically tested as a minimum. Some products are more sophisticated including functions beyond cleaning, such as hydration, shine, whitening, so they have other substances besides those needed for cleaning.


Perfumes in exaggeration can trigger respiratory, allergic, or sensitivity problems. Because, in reality, they are chemical aromas that are added to the initial formulation, corrosive in excess. An unadjusted pH and the absence of substances capable of cleaning, sanitizing, and at the same time protecting the skin. With continuous use, it can cause exfoliation of the sanitized areas and more often cause local irritation.

Hair products

Synthetic Hair products, likewise, need to be suitable for the skin. Dyes, which more recently aroused interest when formaldehyde and its problems became public. It can cause serious skin irritation to the scalp or even the destruction of hair strands.


As for moisturizers, many lotions besides containing a large amount of perfume may not be effective. They burden the consumer without bringing what they promise and therefore deserve the consideration and guidance of a dermatologist. 


Natural products tend to contain fewer ingredients or contain simpler products, although this is not absolute. Some harmful substances are already banned in several countries around the world.

How to choose a safe product

But how to choose a product with greater safety? Large and old brands have a considerable responsibility towards their customers, especially those that also have dermo-cosmetic and even therapeutic lines. In general, they invest a lot in safety.

Products from countries with a strict policy on toxic, potentially sensitizing, or even carcinogenic (cancer-causing) components can also offer somewhat greater safety.

Being aware of the general information about harmful products and even having the culture to research on the FDA authority over cosmetics website about any product and its components is fundamental. You should do it before using any personal care products. 

Do not panic! Here is How You Can be Sure About Safety

How many sources of information are truly independent? What organizations can provide you with unbiased information that promotes consumer safety? Here are our three guidelines when it comes to finding a reliable source of information:

  • Choose sources of information that are not funded by advertisers or for-profit companies
  • Opt for advice based on scientific research
  • Look for well-established sources with an altruistic reason to educate the consumer

Final Words

The current trend is to always look for what is the safest possible, which causes the least damage to health. For this, the knowledge, the awareness that personal care products can also cause damage is already a big step.


Well, I return to the beginning of this article, all the personal care products that are marketed today are safe under current knowledge, but it is clear that some contain one or more ingredients that are already in the sights of scientific experts in what Safety refers, most of the synthetic origin. It must also be said, and of course, prohibited in certified brands of natural and ecological cosmetics. So, it is better to prevent than to regret ... better if we avoid them, and use Natural personal care products that are safe and risk-free. Don't you think?